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CITY <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT BETWEEN <br /> THE PORT OF EVERETT, SNOHOMISH COUNTY,AND THE CITY OF EVERETT <br /> REGARDING COST SHARING FOR <br /> JETTY LANDING RESTROOM CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS <br /> (RCO Grant No. 18-2524D) <br /> SECTION 1. PARTIES <br /> This Interlocal Agreement(hereinafter"Agreement")is entered into this I9day of 4-, 2019, <br /> pursuant to RCW 39.34, byand between the Port of Everett, a municipal corporation, ereinafter <br /> p <br /> referred to as "Port," Snohomish County, a political subdivision of the State of Washington and a <br /> charter county hereinafter referred to as"County,"and the City of Everett,a first class charter city, <br /> hereinafter referred to as "City." (Collectively also referred to hereinafter as the "Parties.") <br /> SECTION 2. RECITALS <br /> WHEREAS, it is in the public's interest for these Parties, as public entities, whenever <br /> possible and practicable,to share facilities and resources; and <br /> WHEREAS,the Jetty Landing facilities are owned in common by the Port, the County <br /> and the City for the benefit of the citizens of all three entities as well as the general public, see <br /> Exhibit A; and, <br /> WHEREAS, the Port, County and the City desire to formalize their coordination of <br /> replacement of the Jetty Landing restroom facilities; and <br /> WHEREAS, the property deed explicitly states the property shall ensure the right of <br /> continuous public access; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Port will be the lead agency in administering the grant, applying for <br /> permits, managing the project, and working with and communicating on a regular basis with <br /> Snohomish County and the City of Everett's designated point of contacts. <br /> WHEREAS, the Port has applied for the Washington State Recreation and Conservation <br /> Office (RCO Project #18-2524) Jetty Landing Restroom Development grant under the local <br /> Boating Facilities Program to construct a new restroom facility located at 10th Street and Jetty <br /> Landing Park, as shown on the Grant application which is attached as Exhibit B and incorporated <br /> herein by this reference (the "Grant"); and <br /> WHEREAS,the State grant program requires sponsors to provide a 25%minimum match <br /> and whereas the Port,the City and the County agreed to equally share the match valued at 25.31% <br /> of the estimated project's cost as calculated in the Grant application; and <br /> WHEREAS, the dollar value of the grant match is based on the conceptual-level project <br /> estimate included in the grant application which is calculated to be $198,063 of the total $782,563 <br /> project cost estimate as specified in the Grant application; and <br /> 1 <br /> BNC\03221\0065\01021319.v 1 <br />