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EVERETT June 17, 2020 <br /> WASHINGTON <br /> Re: Termination of Interlocal Government Agreement "Snohomish County Fire <br /> Training Academy(SCFTA)"dated February 1, 2018(the "Agreement") <br /> Dear Snohomish County FTA Participating Agencies, <br /> This letter is notice of the City of Everett's termination of its participation in the <br /> Agreement. This notice is pursuant to Section 8.1 of the Agreement, which <br /> states in part: <br /> Any Participating Entity may terminate or suspend its participation in this <br /> Agreement, with or without reason, by providing written notice to the other <br /> Participating Entities at least thirty(30) days prior to the effective date of any <br /> such termination or suspension;provided, however, that it shall remain <br /> responsible for its share of the Final Adjusted Cost. <br /> This termination is effective July 21, 2020. <br /> The City of Everett has already paid in full its share of Final Adjusted Cost for all <br /> academies to date. Accordingly, the City of Everett will not be making any <br /> future payments for Final Adjusted Cost under the Agreement. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> n lin <br /> Mayor, City of Ever <br /> Cc: City of Arlington <br /> City of Mukilteo <br /> Marysville Fire District <br /> ♦ f <br /> I EVERETT North County Regional Fire Authority <br /> Snohomish County Fire District 4 <br /> k. 4 Snohomish County Fire District 7 <br /> Snohomish County Fire District 19 <br /> South Snohomish County Fire & Rescue Regional Fire Authority <br /> Q2930 Wetmore Ave.,Ste.7-A <br /> Everett,WA 98201 <br /> O425.257.8100 <br /> 425.257.8139 fax AT ST: <br /> City Clerk <br /> ��' <br />