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4.0 <br /> MA COU-PA YAKIMA COUNTY <br /> ,ptE o� 41. <br /> DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS <br /> 9•. . 111 North Front Street Yakima, Washington 98901 (509)574-1700 <br /> ate <br /> CORRECTO, <br /> August 17th, 2020 <br /> Chief Dan Templeman <br /> Everett Police Department <br /> 3002 Wetmore Avenue <br /> Everett, WA 98201 <br /> RE: 2021 Daily Rate Increase Notification <br /> Dear Chief Templeman: <br /> This letter will serve as your official written notification of the inmate housing rate increase <br /> for the upcoming year. <br /> This increase is primarily due to our decrease in revenue due to the drop in our inmate <br /> population as a result of COVID-19. <br /> Please see attached the Detention/Correction rate sheet that has been established for 2021. <br /> Pursuant to the current Inmate Housing Agreement, Yakima County reserves the right to <br /> increase the daily rate with the understanding that they will provide your agency ninety <br /> (90) days written notification prior to said increase. <br /> Upon review, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. I can be <br /> reached at 574-1758, or you can contact Sandra Bess at 574-1704. <br /> We look forward to our continued success working together to meet your inmate housing <br /> needs. <br /> Respectfully, <br /> Ed W. Campbell, rector <br /> EC:sb <br /> C: Board of County Commissioners <br /> Contract Notebook <br /> Service,Pride,Integrity <br />