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EXHIBIT A <br /> SPECIFIC TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br /> MOTEL SHELTER PROGRAM <br /> I. TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br /> A. This Contract is made by and between Snohomish County (hereinafter the <br /> County) and the City of Everett (hereinafter the City). <br /> B. The City is hereby awarded the total sum indicated in the Approved Contract <br /> Budget(Exhibit C), up to a maximum amount stated in the Contract Face Sheet <br /> or Amendment Face Sheet, to provide funding for the undertaking and <br /> performance of the Project. <br /> II. COST REIMBURSEMENT <br /> A. Motel Voucher Funds awarded under this Contract will be reimbursed on a cost <br /> reimbursement basis in support of the Statement of Work (Exhibit B) and the <br /> Approved Project Budget (Exhibit C). <br /> B. The City shall submit monthly requests for all reimbursements using the <br /> Approved Invoice (Exhibit D) provided by the County. <br /> C. The City shall submit supporting documentation for requests for reimbursement <br /> of expenses with the Approved Invoice (Exhibit D). The City shall also maintain <br /> on record itemized receipts of expenses covered under this Contract. <br /> D. All invoices should be submitted directly to the Fiscal Unit in the Human <br /> Services Department. <br /> III. DOCUMENTS ON FILE <br /> Documents consistent with federal and state regulations, as applicable, shall be <br /> kept on file in the office of the local program and available for review. Such <br /> documents shall include, but not be limited to: <br /> A. Latest Audit, and <br /> B. Insurance policies required by the Contract. <br /> Exhibit A <br /> HCS-20-80-07-198 <br /> City of Everett <br /> Page 1 of 2 <br />