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8140.11011411811 COUNTY 4GEN <br /> Pumic unury DISTRICT <br /> HOST/OPERATOR AGREEMENT and <br /> LIMITED USE LICENSE <br /> THE CITY OF EVERETT, WASHINGTON, ("City"), a Washington municipal <br /> corporation, does herewith provide a Limited Use License ("License")to the PUBLIC UTILITY <br /> DISTRICT NO. 1 OF SNOHOMISH COUNTY, a Washington municipal corporation <br /> ("District"), for and in consideration of One Dollar ($1.00) and other good and valuable <br /> consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, to install, operate, repair, and maintain <br /> two DC fast chargers for electrical vehicle charging located in the sidewalk adjacent to California <br /> Street in front of the District's main headquarters building, located at 2320 California St., in <br /> Everett, subject to the following terms, conditions and restrictions. <br /> 1. Term of License. The term of this License shall be for a period of Five (5) Years <br /> from the date of completion of installation of the Charging Equipment authorized under this <br /> License, subject to earlier termination as provided in Section 22. <br /> 2. Purpose of License. The District and the City have worked closely to propose a <br /> high quality location for DC fast chargers for electric vehicles. The District has pursued and <br /> received partial grant funding for a project that will include two DC fast chargers located in the <br /> City-owned sidewalk adjacent to California Street in front of the District's headquarters building <br /> (the"Project"and the"Charging Equipment"). The public would utilize two public parking spaces <br /> in California Street to access the Charging Equipment. An illustrative exhibit is attached hereto <br /> as Exhibit A. <br /> The District's Project includes engineering and design, permitting, procurement, electric system <br /> make ready work, installation, striping, and interconnection. The electrical equipment will be on <br /> the District's property, while the Charging Equipment will be on the City's sidewalk property. <br /> The purpose of this License is to provide access and the right to occupy the City's sidewalk <br /> property for the installation, operation and maintenance of the Charging Equipment, and to define <br /> the roles and responsibilities of the District and the City. <br /> 3. Maintenance and Repair of City Property. Upon installation of the Charging <br /> Equipment, the District shall, at its sole cost and expense, reasonably and appropriately patrol, <br /> inspect, maintain and keep in good repair the Charging Equipment for its intended use by the <br /> public. In the event that the City notifies District of any observed condition and/or defect in need <br /> of repair or correction regarding the City's property, the District shall appropriately repair the <br /> condition or correct the defect within a reasonable period of time after notification. <br /> 4. City Approval of Plans. Prior to the District installing the Charging Equipment, it <br /> will submit detailed drawings and specifications to the City. No modification, or improvement <br /> will be performed until the drawings and specifications have been approved in writing by the City; <br /> provided, however, that such approval by the City shall not in any manner be considered as <br /> imposing any obligation upon the City as to safety of such installation. <br /> Limited Use License Page 1 <br />