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EVERETT Parks and Facilities <br /> WASHINGTON <br /> MEMORANDUM <br /> The City of Everett and the Everett School District have a long standing history of shared use. An <br /> interlocal agreement(attached) describes the general relationship between the two parties. Section 3 of <br /> the terms and conditions, 3.1 requires a letter of understanding be signed every two years. <br /> Attached are two original packets of the letter of understanding and exhibits for the next two year series. <br /> The letters of understanding require the signatures of the Superintendent and Mayor. The City of <br /> Everett and the Everett School District have entered into these letters of understanding since 1999. <br /> Attached is a summary of the shared facility usage for both parties based on hours of use. Although <br /> there are several ways to calculate the usage, hourly use has been the historical metric for the purpose of <br /> equity assessment. <br /> The exhibits represent the following use requests currently anticipated within the next two years. The <br /> uses listed below are very similar to past uses with the exception of the Swim Center which is currently <br /> closed and Code 10 which we don't anticipate running during this LOU. <br /> Parks and Community Services use of District facilities for the following programs: <br /> • Exhibit A: Meeting facilities <br /> • Exhibit B: Adult Basketball Leagues <br /> • Exhibit C: Sports Camps <br /> • Exhibit D: Tennis Courts <br /> • Exhibit E: Volleyball League <br /> • Exhibit F: Recreational Sports Leagues <br /> • Exhibit G: Youth and Adult Flag Football Leagues <br /> District use of Parks and Community Services facilities for: <br /> • Exhibit H: Kasch Park Soccer Fields <br /> • Exhibit 1: Cross Country team use of trails <br /> • Exhibit J: Meeting facilities <br /> • Exhibit K: Legion and Walter Hall Golf Courses Cascade and Everett High School golf teams <br />