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DocuSign Envelope ID:06CC5756-85D6-4B22-92FD-F6421337EFD7 <br /> Everett Station Operations and Maintenance Agreement <br /> Between Sound Transit and the City of Everett <br /> GA 0127-20 <br /> This MEMORANDUM OF AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered into between the Central Puget <br /> Sound Regional Transit Authority("Sound Transit"), a regional transit authority created pursuant to <br /> chapters 81.104 and 81.112 RCW, and the City of Everett, a Washington municipal corporation ("City"), <br /> sometimes collectively referred to as"Parties" or individually as"Party." <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. The City owns Everett Station, which includes parking stalls, bus bays and platforms to support <br /> the various transit agencies and private transportation providers, including Everett Transit, <br /> Community Transit, Greyhound, Bolt, Skagit Transit, Island Transit and Sound Transit, which utilize <br /> this station ("Everett Station"). <br /> B. At the Everett Station, Sound Transit owns the regional signage and information display <br /> hardware, the commuter rail platform, a commuter rail train operations building, and a <br /> pedestrian bridge and an elevator connecting two parking lots. The first parking lot is located to <br /> the east of the station, East Lot(aka Lot C, which contains 432 spaces) and the second <br /> parking lot is located to the south of the station, South Lot(aka Lot B which contains 241 <br /> spaces). <br /> C. The Parties initially entered into an Operations and Maintenance Agreement for Everett Station <br /> in 2002, and have since entered into two additional agreements, the most recent of which <br /> expires on June 30, 2021. <br /> The Parties wish to enter into a new Operations and Maintenance Agreement for Everett Station. <br /> The Parties therefore agree as follows: <br /> 1.0 PURPOSE AND SCOPE OF AGREEMENT <br /> The purpose of this Agreement is to specify the respective responsibilities of the Parties <br /> regarding the maintenance and operations of Everett Station related to Sound Transit's <br /> regional bus service ("ST Express") and commuter rail service ("Sounder"). This Agreement <br /> addresses the associated maintenance costs and the basis for allocation of costs to be borne <br /> by each Party and: <br /> 1.1 Establishes the cost/revenue structure and type of services to be provided by the <br /> City; <br /> 1.2 Specifies Sound Transit's responsibilities regarding informational signage; and <br /> 1.3 Allows for additional work that may be agreed upon between the Parties. <br /> 2.0 OWNERSHIP <br /> 2.1 Everett Station Improvements <br /> GA 0127-20 Page 1 of 24 <br />