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CITY OF EVERETT/PORT OF EVERETT <br /> BILL OF SALE <br /> Project: Grand Avenue Park Bridge Landscaping and Other Improvements <br /> THE UNDERSIGNED hereby conveys and transfers to the Port of Everett (the <br /> "Port")the following described property (the "Property"): <br /> All improvements and other items shown as transferred to the Port in the <br /> attached five pages of drawings. <br /> The undersigned represents to the Port that the undersigned is the owner of the <br /> Property and has the right and authority to sell the same, and that the Property is free of all <br /> liens or encumbrances.The undersigned covenants and agrees to and with the Port that the <br /> undersigned will, and does, hereby warrant and agree to defend the Port's title to the <br /> Property against the claims of all third parties claiming to own the Property or claiming <br /> any interest therein or encumbrance thereon. <br /> Upon acceptance of this Bill of Sale,the Port is responsible for the maintenance <br /> and repair of the Property. <br /> [No further text.] <br /> Bill of Sale <br />