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As4s< <br /> Snohomish County <br /> Public Works <br /> Transportation and Environmental Services <br /> February 17, 2021 <br /> 3000 Rockefeller Ave., M/S 607 <br /> Everett,WA 98201-4046 <br /> Mayor Cassie Franklin, (425)388-3488 <br /> City of Everett Mayor <br /> City of Everett Dave Somers <br /> 3200 Cedar Street County Executive <br /> Everett WA 98201 <br /> Re:Administrative Renewal of Signal&Street Light Interlocal Agreement(ILA) <br /> Dear Mayor Cassie Franklin, <br /> The County and the City of Everett ("City") on March 31, 2015 entered into an ILA <br /> for Traffic Control Device and Street Light Maintenance, Engineering and Construction Services. <br /> The ILA is set to expire on March 30, 2021 . Pursuant to ILA Section 13.C,the ILA can be <br /> renewed administratively for two additional six(6)year terms if approved in writing by the Parties. <br /> The intent of this letter is to inform you that the County would like to extend the ILA for an <br /> additional six(6)year term from March 31, 2021 to March 30, 2027 ,and inquire if the City <br /> would also like to extend the term of the ILA. <br /> If the City wishes to extend the term please have the appropriate person sign, date,and indicate <br /> their title in the spaces provided below and email the document to the contact person listed. <br /> If you have question, please contact: Mohammad Uddin <br /> County Traffic Engineer <br /> 425-388-3099 <br /> <br /> Thank you, <br /> Douglas W Digitally signed by Douglas W <br /> McCormick <br /> McCormick Date:2021.02.17 14:43:58-08'00' <br /> Douglas W McCormick, PE,County Engineer Signature <br /> Deputy Public Works Director <br /> Mayor, City of Everett <br /> Phone (425)388-6655 Title <br /> Email dmccormicka, <br /> Office of the City Attorney <br /> Cc: File AFFROVEDASTCFDFiM <br /> David C.Hall,City Attorney /2t"2/h <br /> Attachments: ILA for Traffic Control Device and Street Light Maintenance,Engineering and Construction Services. <br /> (Attached to email) <br />