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INTERAGENCY AGREEMENT BETWEEN <br /> CITY OF EVERETT,WASHINGTON <br /> AND <br /> NORTHSHORE PARKS AND RECREATION SERVICE AREA <br /> This Agreement is made and entered into by and between the City of Everett, hereinafter referred to as <br /> "City", and the Northshore Parks and Recreation Service Area, hereafter referred to as "Agency," each <br /> party having been duly organized and now existing under the laws of the State of Washington. <br /> WHEREAS,the City has entered into a job order contract as authorized by Chapter 39.10 RCW with <br /> Forma Construction ("Contractor") dated on or about November 20, 2021, as amended by amendments <br /> 1 (the "JOC Contract"); and <br /> WHEREAS,the JOC Contract was procured by a Request for Proposals, "Job Order Contracting—General <br /> Construction Services RFP#2021-022" dated July 13, 2021, and this Request for Proposals stated that <br /> the JOC Contract may be used by other agencies; and <br /> WHEREAS,Amendment No. 1 to the JOC Contract provides an opportunity for other public agencies to <br /> use the terms and conditions of the JOC Contract("JOC Amendment No. 1"); and <br /> WHEREAS,the Agency wishes to utilize, in part,the terms and conditions of the JOC Contract to perform <br /> various Agency job order projects on Agency facilities; and <br /> WHEREAS,the City desires to enter into this Agreement with Agency to allow the Agency to utilize the <br /> terms and conditions of the JOC Contract; and <br /> WHEREAS,the parties hereto have determined that they have the authority to enter into this <br /> Agreement in accordance with Chapter RCW 39.34 RCW, Interlocal Cooperation Act, and their <br /> respective policies and procedures, as amended. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, in consideration of the above and foregoing recitals,the mutual promises and <br /> covenants herein contained,and for other good and valuable consideration,the sufficiency of which is <br /> hereby acknowledged,the parties hereto agree as follows: <br /> 1. STATEMENT OF WORK <br /> Subject to the provisions of this Agreement,the Agency may issue job orders to Contractor for job <br /> order construction services. The job order construction services for such Agency job orders will be <br /> provided by Contractor directly to the Agency on the same terms and conditions as the JOC <br /> Contract, except that for such Agency job order construction services: <br /> (a) the City will not be a party to the job order between Agency and Contractor for such <br /> services; <br /> (b) the obligations owed by Contractor to the City under the terms and conditions of JOC <br /> Contract will instead be owed by Contractor to the Agency, including but not limited to <br /> obligations to provide performance and payment bonds to Agency for work performed for <br /> Page 1 of 5 <br />