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DocuSign Envelope ID:387EE05B-E2A3-4543-899A-3C4712464DC6 <br /> AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE SNOHOMISH COUNTY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION BENEFIT <br /> AREA CORPORATION (SCPTBAC, HEREAFTER REFERRED TO AS COMMUNITY TRANSIT) <br /> AND THE CITY OF EVERETT REGARDING CONSIDERATION OF CONSOLIDATED TRANSIT <br /> SERVICES. <br /> This Agreement is entered into by and between Community Transit and the City of Everett("Parties") <br /> for the purpose of consideration of consolidated transit services. <br /> WHEREAS, The City of Everett has its own municipal transit system, established on <br /> November 26, 1969, operating as Everett Transit, and currently providing fixed route and paratransit <br /> services primarily within Everett city limits and the Mukilteo waterfront; and <br /> WHEREAS, Community Transit, established on October 4, 1976, and initially including 7 <br /> cities, with boundaries expanded over time to include all cities in Snohomish County except the City of <br /> Everett, in Community Transit's Public Transportation Benefit District, and providing bus, vanpool, and <br /> paratransit service throughout most of Snohomish County; and <br /> WHEREAS, An evaluation by the City of Everett of its future mobility needs and available <br /> funding has determined that the city's growing transit requirements cannot be fulfilled within Everett <br /> Transit's current financial forecast; and <br /> WHEREAS, Recognizing the above, the Everett City Council has for several years <br /> considered what might be the best, long-term, sustainable, future for transit services in Everett, and on <br /> June 9, 2021, at the conclusion of the ReThink Transit study, directed Everett staff to work with <br /> Community Transit to further develop the Consolidated System option for Council's consideration; and <br /> WHEREAS, The Parties are committed to planning a county-wide transit network that <br /> integrates effectively with Sound Transit's regional light rail system and provides the best possible <br /> mobility for riders; and <br /> WHEREAS, The Parties recognize that this undertaking will require cooperation, <br /> collaboration and a joint commitment and wish to memorialize the details in an official framework to <br /> establish mutually agreed upon responsibilities, scope of work and timeline. <br /> The Parties agree as follows: <br /> 1. Scope of Work Incorporated <br /> The Parties will work cooperatively within the framework and according to the <br /> principles set forth in the attached Scope of Work and Joint Study Framework, <br /> which is hereby incorporated into this Agreement. <br /> 2. Responsibility for Costs <br /> Each Party to this Agreement shall bear the costs and expenses for their <br /> respective staffs' salaries and expenses, their respective consulting fees other than <br /> those of the Facilitator and any other expenses they incur arising from this <br /> Agreement <br /> 3. Termination <br /> Either Party may terminate this Agreement upon giving 30 days prior written notice <br /> to the other party. Such notice must be delivered to the Mayor of the City of <br /> Everett or to the CEO of Community Transit, respectfully, or their designees. <br /> 1 <br />