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DISTRIBUTION OF VESSEL REGISTRATION FEE AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN SNOHOMISH COUNTY AND THE CITY OF EVERETT <br /> This Distribution of Vessel Registration Fee Agreement("Agreement") is entered into by <br /> the Snohomish County,a political subdivision of the State of Washington("County"),and the City <br /> of Everett, a municipal corporation of the State of Washington("Everett"). <br /> WITNESSETH THAT: <br /> Whereas pursuant to RCW 88.02.650, the Department of Licensing (DOL) collects vessel <br /> registration fees on an annual basis,retains the first 1.1 million dollars of what is collected and <br /> then distributes the remainder to Washington counties that have approved boating safety <br /> programs; and <br /> Whereas pursuant to WAC 352-65-050(2), the legislative authority of each county with an <br /> approved boating safety program is responsible for equitably distributing funds allocated by <br /> the state treasurer between local jurisdictions in compliance with the requirements of chapter <br /> 352-65 WAC;and <br /> Whereas local jurisdictions offering boating safety services and desiring to receive distribution <br /> of funds must enter into a cooperative agreement with the county and receive and maintain <br /> state park's approval for their boating safety program; and <br /> Whereas pursuant to WAC 352-65-050 the County must make the equitable distribution to <br /> all eligible jurisdictions within seventy-five days of the allocation from the state treasurer and <br /> notify state parks of the amount distributed to each eligible local jurisdiction; and <br /> Whereas the County has an approved boating safety program; and <br /> Whereas the County receives an annual allocation of vessel registration fees and anticipates <br /> receiving allocation of vessel registration fees in the future; and <br /> Whereas Everett has received and will maintain state parks' approval for its boating safety <br /> program and is eligible to receive an equitable share of the vessel registration fees upon <br /> execution of a cooperative agreement with the County; and <br /> Whereas the County and Everett desire to enter into a cooperative agreement, <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of covenants, conditions, performances, and promises <br /> hereinafter contained,the parties agree as follows: <br />