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AGREEMENT <br /> 1. Purpose. The purpose of this Agreement is for the City and County to partner <br /> together to increase in the attractiveness and economic vitality of the Downtown Everett <br /> Business Improvement Area by improving and continuously maintaining the City of <br /> Everett's public rights of way, including sidewalks, alleyways, business frontage and <br /> business entrances. <br /> 2. City Obligations. <br /> a. The City is responsible for the Maintenance Work(defined below) for all the City <br /> of Everett's public rights-of-way, lanes,places, squares and, alleys, located within <br /> the Downtown Everett Business Improvement Area("Public Rights of Way"). <br /> b. The City shall be responsible to maintain the sidewalks within Public Rightsof <br /> Way by blowing, sweeping, emptying sidewalks cigarette containers,recycling <br /> (as appropriate), emptying sidewalk trash containers, replacing trash bags, and <br /> cleaning of trash containers and trash lids, disposing of and the replacement of <br /> any broken or damaged sidewalk trash containers, removing debris, including <br /> but not limited to furniture,mattresses, grocery carts, boxes,and paper debris, <br /> etc. from the sidewalks,removing or covering graffiti <br /> on sidewalks, street light poles and signage/signage posts, trash, recycling, <br /> and cigarette dispensers, planters on sidewalks, spraying weeds in sidewalk <br /> cracks as needed and cleaning planters of weeds and debris, replacing flowers <br /> and shrubs that are dead, or vandalized (the"Maintenance Work"). If the City <br /> fails to perform any of the Maintenance Work specified in this Section 2b, the <br /> County will notify and <br /> at the City to report the performance failure. <br /> If the City fails to correct the performance failure in a mutually agreed timeline, <br /> the County may terminate this Agreement <br /> c. The City will provide the Maintenance Work throughout the term of this Agreement <br /> daily and more often if needed upon request by the County. The City will provide <br /> the Maintenance Work by contract with the Downtown EverettAssociation. <br /> d. The City will provide to the County,upon request,an accounting of all Maintenance <br /> Work performed under this Agreement including Maintenance Work provided <br /> specifically to support the sidewalks abutting the County's property within the <br /> Downtown Everett Business Improvement Area and to support the County funds <br /> provided for this purpose. <br /> 2 <br />