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LICENSE TO USE CITY PROPERTY FOR TEMPORARY BIOSOLIDS STORAGE <br /> ("LICENSE AGREEMENT") <br /> Grantor: City of Everett <br /> Grantee: Mukilteo Water and Wastewater District <br /> Property: See attached Exhibit A <br /> WHEREAS, Mukilteo Water and Wastewater District, hereinafter referenced to as <br /> "MUKILTEO," and whose address is 7824 Mukilteo Speedway, WA 98275, desires to utilize City <br /> of Everett (the "City") owned property for the purposes hereinafter set forth; and <br /> WHEREAS,the City is willing to grant MUKILTEO authority to use the City's property in <br /> exchange for the fees described below. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises, the promises contained herein, and other <br /> good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby expressly <br /> acknowledged, the City licenses MUKILTEO to use certain City property, and MUKILTEO agrees <br /> to pay the City, upon 30 days of receipt of invoice, upon the following terms and conditions: <br /> 1. LICENSED PROPERTY/USE NOTICE/FEES.The property subject to this License <br /> Agreement is described on Exhibit A. The property described on Exhibit A is referred to <br /> in this License Agreement as the "Biosolids Pad." <br /> MUKILTEO may use the Biosolids Pad where designated by the City for biosolids storage <br /> from time to time. Prior to each such use, MUKILTEO must provide the City 24 hours <br /> prior notice, as described in Exhibit B. By such notice, Mukilteo agrees to pay a use fee <br /> of$750, which will allow biosolids storage for up to 30 calendar days, with the 30-day <br /> count beginning on the date that MUKILTEO gives the notice. Unless otherwise <br /> determined by the City at the City's sole discretion, MUKILTEO must remove all <br /> MUKILTEO biosolids from the Biosolids Pad by the end of such 30 days.There will be no <br /> proration or other refund if the MUKILTEO biosolids are on the Biosolids Pad for less <br /> than 30 days. <br /> 2. TERM. This License Agreement shall take effect upon signing by both parties and shall <br /> expire June 30, 2024, unless terminated earlier upon 30-days' notice under Section 7, <br /> below. <br /> 11Page <br />