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NS EASTERN <br /> 4+v WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY <br /> Eastern Washington University <br /> Amendment#1 <br /> To <br /> Agreement#C010037 <br /> The Social Work Student Affiliation agreement between City of Everett-Everett Police Department <br /> and Eastern Washington University("School") dated March 11, 2019 is amended as follows: <br /> 1. The terms of this agreement are extended for an additional 3 years.The new expiration date will <br /> be March 11, 2025 <br /> All other terms and conditions remain as set forth in the Agreement. <br /> This Amendment is executed as of the date of the last party to sign below. <br /> Name: CAsSI5. Foot ,I (1, 1 Name: Michael Pflieger <br /> Title: IV► ADV„.„ Title: Contract Specialist <br /> Signature: Signature c,11‘,- <br /> Date: Date:01/14/2022 <br /> 37?-2-- <br /> ATTE <br /> =pu' City Clerk <br />