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CITY or CITY <br /> '( <br /> • <br /> Una EMP <br /> Distribution Agreement <br /> Between <br /> City of Seattle Fire Department <br /> And <br /> City of Everett <br /> (Subrecipient Agency) <br /> This Document is entered into by City of Everett, (Jurisdiction), and City of Seattle Fire Department, <br /> (SFD),whose address is 301 Second Ave South,Seattle, WA 98104-2680. <br /> The Jurisdiction is undertaking certain activities related to a federal grant award.All federal finanical and <br /> grant management rules and regulations must be adhered to in the execution of this Agreement.A copy <br /> of the federal award document is attached for reference. SFD is acting as a pass-through entity for this <br /> grant.Jurisdiction has been designated by SFD as a subrecipient. <br /> FEDERAL AWARD INFORMATION <br /> GRANT AWARD TITLE DHS-FEMA-HSGP-UASI-FFY20 <br /> FEDERAL AWARD ID# UEI NUMBER CFDA NUMBER <br /> EMW-2020-SS-00080 RGJ5CPK2YH K1 97.067 <br /> FEDERAL AWARD DATE SUBAWARD PERIOD OF SUBAWARD PERIOD OF <br /> PERFORMANCE START DATE PERFORMANCE END DATE <br /> 08/25/2020 09/01/2020 06/30/2023 <br /> FUNDS OBLIGATED FOR THIS TOTAL GRANT AWARD FEDERAL AWARD AGENCY <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> $7,152.18 $2,634,391 <br /> US Department of Homeland <br /> Security <br /> Under the terms and conditions of this grant,SFD will be distributing specialized emergency response <br /> and fire equipment for the Jurisdiction.The distribution of the equipment through this grant is subject <br /> to the following terms and conditions. <br /> 1. The equipment to be purchased for the Jurisdiction is as described as follows: <br /> (Based on quotes provided at the time of the grant award or upon equipment ordering. The actual <br /> equipment description and cost will be reflected on the Hand Receipt(s) when the equipment is <br /> delivered): <br /> Project Description Vendor <br /> Equipment—K970 Chainsaw Concrete, Ring Saw Blade, Diamond Chain, LN Curtis <br /> Chainsaw Bar <br /> SFD Subrecipient Equipment Distribution Agreement Page I 1 <br />