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cATY 4R <br /> Cost Reimbursement Agreement <br /> J. m oDmIpu, <br /> BA1T66.. <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between The City of Seattle Fire <br /> Department (SFD), a department of the City of Seattle, hereinafter referred to as"SFD", as <br /> represented by the Fire Chief; and The City of Everett Fire Department hereinafter referred to as <br /> "Recipient" for purposes of reimbursing training expenses incurred by recipient for agreed upon <br /> activities. Costs must first be incurred by the recipient and billed to SFD. <br /> SECTION 1. TERM OF AGREEMENT <br /> The term of the Cost Reimbursement Agreement shall be effective 09/01/2020 and shall end <br /> on 06/30/2023. This Cost Reimbursement Agreement may be modified and/or continued by <br /> amendment, as mutually agreed by both parties. <br /> SECTION 2. DESCRIPTION OF WORK <br /> Under the direction of the Fire Chief, or delegated authorized representative, the Recipient <br /> shall be eligible for approved training expenses related to activities described in the grant <br /> listed below. All reimbursable expenses shall be as specified herein, based on requests from <br /> SFD in advance. <br /> SECTION 3. REIMBURSEMENT <br /> The maximum amount allowed for reimbursement shall not exceed $16,189.34, during the <br /> term of this Agreement. <br /> SECTION 4. FUNDING SOURCE <br /> FEDERAL AWARD INFORMATION <br /> GRANT AWARD TITLE DNS-FEMA-HSGP-UASI-FFY20 <br /> FEDERAL AWARD AGENCY US Department of Homeland Security <br /> Must match registered name in UEI <br /> FEDERAL AWARD ID# UEI NUMBER CFDA NUMBER <br /> EMW-2020-SS-00080 RGI5CPK2YH K1 97.067 <br /> FEDERAL AWARD DATE SUBAWARD PERIOD OF SUBAWARD PERIOD OF <br /> PERFORMANCE START DATE PERFORMANCE END DATE <br /> 08/25/2020 09/01/2020 06/30/2023 <br /> SECTION 5. AMENDMENTS <br /> No modifications or amendment of the provisions hereof shall be effective unless in writing <br /> and signed by authorized representatives of the parties hereto. The parties hereto expressly <br /> reserve the right to modify the Agreement by mutual agreement. <br /> SECTION 6. TERMINATION <br /> Either party may terminate this Agreement without recourse by the other party upon written <br /> notice to terminate. Notice of termination shall be given by the party terminating this <br /> Page 1 <br />