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INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN THE CITY OF EVERETT <br /> AND SNOHOMISH CONSERVATION DISTRICT <br /> This Interlocal Agreement (this "Agreement") is entered into as of Al.(1.15, 2022, by and <br /> between the CITY OF EVERETT, a Washington municipal corporation (the "City") and SNOHOMISH <br /> CONSERVATION DISTRICT, a political subdivision of the State of Washington (the "District"). <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. The City desires to work with the District to provide Everett Street Tree program approved trees, <br /> labor and materials as it relates to The Nature Conservancy's Urban Tree Program.The Nature <br /> Conservancy issued an Urban Tree Program grant to the District to promote the planting of trees <br /> within the City of Everett, effective February 3, 2002 until November 30, 2023. The Scope of <br /> Work attached to this Agreement includes the deliverables that the City has agreed to provide <br /> to the District, along with a budget with estimated expenditures associated with the City <br /> performing these tasks. <br /> B. The purpose of this Agreement is to establish and define the terms and conditions for the <br /> efforts to be undertaken by the City to acquire and deliver Everett Street Tree program <br /> approved trees to interested parties. <br /> C. The parties desire to enter into this Agreement to provide for the administration of the project, <br /> pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act, chapter 39.34 RCW. <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> For good and valuable consideration,the receipt and sufficiency of which is acknowledged,the <br /> parties agree as follows: <br /> 1. The Project. The City agrees to provide the services described in the attached "Exhibit A <br /> -Scope of Work and Budget" in a competent and professional manner. The Scope of Work so identified <br /> is hereafter referred to as the "Work". The District agrees to pay the City for the services as described in <br /> the budget in the attached "Exhibit A-Scope of Work and Budget." <br /> 2. Reporting. The City shall prepare and submit a quarterly invoice in accordance with the <br /> Budget in Exhibit A. The invoices will summarize the Work performed and expenditures incurred by the <br /> City under this Agreement during the preceding quarter. The District will pay invoices within 30 days <br /> after receipt. <br /> 3. Duration. This Agreement shall commence on the date of mutual execution of this <br /> Agreement and terminate on November 30, 2023, unless otherwise modified or terminated in <br /> accordance with the terms of this Agreement. <br /> 1 <br />