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Everett Transit and Community Transit <br /> Inductive Charging at Seaway Transit Center <br /> Letter of Understanding <br /> Pursuant to the Interlocal Agreement Between Snohomish Public Transportation Benefit Area <br /> (Community Transit) and the City of Everett (Everett Transit) Regarding 16. Letters of Understanding, <br /> Section d. share de minimus use of Community Transit or Everett Transit-owned facilities, dated <br /> December 5, 2007 (the ILA),this Letter of Understanding is dated I t S 2022, and is <br /> between Community Transit and Everett Transit. <br /> The purpose of this LOU is to allow Everett Transit to install and maintain an inductive charging system <br /> at Seaway Transit Center. <br /> IT IS HEREBY UNDERSTOOD: <br /> 1. Recitals <br /> a. Community Transit owns and operates from the transit facility at the corner of <br /> Seaway Blvd. and 75th SW, Everett, known as Seaway Transit Center. <br /> b. Everett Transit currently has permission to operate from Seaway Transit Center Bays <br /> 8 and 9. <br /> c. Everett Transit is introducing inductive charging capability to its electric bus fleet. <br /> d. Community Transit agrees to allow Everett Transit to install an inductive charging <br /> system to service bays 8 and 9. <br /> 2. Everett Transit Responsibilities: <br /> a. Everett Transit will fund and provide all aspects of the project including project <br /> management, design, engineering, environmental, permitting, construction, <br /> maintenance, ongoing provision of electricity for charging and any other to date <br /> unforeseen expense that the parties mutual agree is related to the inductive <br /> charging project. <br /> b. Everett Transit will own and maintain the inductive charging system including all <br /> installations above and below ground that are not owned by the Snohomish County <br /> Public Utility District. <br /> 3. Community Transit Responsibilities <br /> a. Community Transit will support the project with design review, operations planning <br /> during construction, and other coordination as needed. <br />