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CITY <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN <br /> THE CITY OF EVERETT AND PORT OF EVERETT REGARDING <br /> IMPROVEMENTS TO PUGET SOUND OUTFALL 1 <br /> This I erlocal Agreement ("Agreement") is dated for reference purposes <br /> .L GP S , 2016, and is between the CITY OF EVERETT (the "City") and the PORT OF <br /> VE` T (the "Port") (individually a"Party" and collectively the "Parties"). <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. The City owns and operates Puget Sound Outfall No. 1 ("PSO 1"). A portion of <br /> PSO 1 needs to be replaced, which portion is on Port property. <br /> B. The Port is preparing to call for bids on a project near West Marine View Drive <br /> (the "New Port Project"). As part of this upcoming project, it would be efficient for the Port's <br /> contractor to install for the City the segment of PSO 1 pipe in 14th Street west of West Marine <br /> View Drive, which will carry combined sewer overflow, eventually connecting to the PSO 1 and <br /> PSO 2 (the "New City Work"). The New City Work is schematically shown in the attached <br /> Exhibit 1. The New City Work will be paid for solely by the City. <br /> C. The City has provided to Port design and construction specifications for the New <br /> City Work, which the Port has approved (the "New Ciry Work Approved Plans and <br /> Specifications"). The Parties have or shortly will have all permits necessary for the New City <br /> Work. <br /> D. The purpose of this Agreement is for the City and Port to formalize their <br /> understandings regarding the New City Work/New Port Project. <br /> AGREEMENT <br /> The Parties agree as follows: <br /> SECTION 1: NOT USED <br /> SECTION 2: NEW CITY WORK <br /> A. Not Used. <br /> B. Not Used. <br /> C. Procurement. <br /> 1. Construction Contract. After receipt of all necessary permits for the New <br /> City Work,the Port will call for bids and execute a construction contract for the New Port Project <br /> 1 <br /> SOM\03221\008I\00762427.v l <br />