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East County Fire Support Services Division CITY <br /> Associate Interlocal Agreement <br /> Pursuant to the authority granted in RCW 39.34, this agreement is entered into between <br /> East County Support Services Division, referred to as "ECFSS"and "City of Everett" <br /> referred to as the "Subscribing Agency". <br /> ECFSS has automotive and truck repair facilities and trained personnel to provide <br /> maintenance and repair services for vehicles. ECFSS is sufficiently equipped and <br /> staffed to provide maintenance and repair services to other municipal corporation <br /> vehicles and equipment. <br /> ECFSS is willing to provide such services from time to time on a fee basis established <br /> to provide cost reimbursement to the ECFSS. <br /> ECFSS does not provide such services to private parties on a commercial basis and, <br /> therefore, furnishes such services to other governmental entities as a governmental <br /> service and not as a proprietary function. <br /> The Subscribing Agency does not maintain trained personnel and equipment necessary <br /> to meet its requirements for repair and maintenance services and, therefore, has a need <br /> for such services from outside sources for its apparatus and equipment. <br /> It is the purpose of this agreement to provide the terms and conditions under which <br /> ECFSS will provide apparatus and equipment repair and maintenance services. To <br /> accomplish this purpose it is agreed as follows: <br /> 1. Exclusions/Limitations: The ECFSS shall reserve the right to exclude any other <br /> agency from participating in this Interlocal Agreement and/or limit services <br /> provided and establish qualifications or contingencies to the providing of service. <br /> 2. Governmental Service: No services as anticipated herein shall be allowed to any <br /> non-municipal agencies. Agencies to become Subscribing Agencies shall be <br /> political sub-divisions of the State of Washington or Federal Agencies. No <br /> private services shall be provided. <br /> 3. Termination/Limitation of Services: The ECFSS shall have the right to terminate <br /> the participation of any Subscribing Agencies or limit services after association <br /> has been established. <br /> 4. Non-Exclusive: Notwithstanding any express or implied provision of this <br /> Agreement, all Subscribing Agencies reserve the right to provide for services of <br /> the type covered by this Agreement from their own resources or by contract or <br /> otherwise with outside persons or entities. No Subscribing Agency shall be <br /> required to exclusively use the services available under this Agreement. <br /> 5. Locations: ECFSS agrees to provide such repair and maintenance services on <br /> vehicles and equipment delivered to the Monroe Fire station by the Subscribing <br /> Agency as may be agreed upon from time to time by the Chiefs of the fire <br />