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CITY <br /> ATACRAIDS Addendum for SNOPAC Agencies <br /> This Addendum sets forth additional or amended terms and conditions for the use of ATACRAIDS (the"LN Services" <br /> provided herein), which are in addition to, and without limitation of, the terms and conditions set forth in the <br /> LexisNexis Master Terms and Conditions (form LNMTC) — Government between SNOPAC and LexisNexis Risk <br /> Solutions FL Inc. or its affiliated entity ("LN") for the LN Services (such services agreement, the "Agreement"). As <br /> the SNOPAC agency signing below ("Customer"), your use of ATACRAIDS is subject to the Agreement attached <br /> hereto as Attachment I, and this Addendum. Further, if you access the ATAC Workstation software, use of that <br /> service will be subject to the terms of the ATAC Workstation End User License Agreement attached hereto as <br /> Attachment II. Capitalized terms used herein but not defined herein shall have the meanings ascribed to them in the <br /> Agreement. <br /> I. Government Case Data Exchange Database <br /> 1. LN maintains the LexisNexis® Public Safety Data Exchange Database ("PSDEX"), which contains information <br /> related to public safety and state and local law enforcement investigations. PSDEX is compiled from <br /> information submitted by PSDEX customers and enhanced by LN data and technology. <br /> 2. In exchange for good and valuable consideration, including access to PSDEX, Customer hereby agrees to <br /> contribute public safety information that may be used for analysis, investigations and reporting. (the <br /> "Customer Data Contribution"). <br /> 3. LN's obligations. <br /> a. LN agrees to provide PSDEX information to Customer. <br /> b. LN agrees to provide Customer with instructions for submitting information to the PSDEX database <br /> and for using the PSDEX service. <br /> c. LN agrees and Customer acknowledges that it will not make available to Customer the source(s) of <br /> the PSDEX reports submitted by other PSDEX customers except as required by law or a court of <br /> competent jurisdiction and except when such LN customer provides information regarding potential <br /> fraud committed by its own employees/agents. <br /> 4. Customer obligations. <br /> a. Customer agrees to submit to LN, with reasonable promptness and consistency, Customer Data <br /> Contributions. <br /> b. Customer acknowledges and agrees that it is solely responsible for the content of the Customer <br /> Data Contributions submitted to LN and that it shall use reasonable care to ensure the information <br /> submitted is a reasonable reflection of the actual report. Each submission to LN with respect to an <br /> incident or subject constitutes a Customer Data Contribution. <br /> c. Customer's disclosure of information to LN is and will be in compliance with all applicable laws, <br /> regulations and rulings. <br /> d. Customer agrees to notify LN promptly of any change in status, factual background, circumstances <br /> or errors concerning any Customer Data Contribution previously provided to LN. Customer further <br /> agrees to submit corrected information in a timely manner. Customer agrees that it will fully and <br /> promptly cooperate with LN should any inquiry about the Customer Data Contributions arise. <br /> e. The following named individual/department shall serve as the contact person(s) for submissions <br /> made to LN. The contact person shall respond to requests from LN for clarification or updates on <br /> incident reports submitted by Customer during normal business hours, and Customer will not <br /> reasonably withhold from LN information on any such submission. LN shall not reveal the identity <br /> of the Customer's contact person(s)to any other PSDEX customer. <br /> Name: Greg Lineberry <br /> Title: Captain <br /> Address: 3002 Wetmore <br /> Everett, WA 98201 <br /> Phone: 425-257-8557 <br /> Fax: 425-257-6501 <br /> Email: <br /> f. Customer agrees that it will access information contributed to PSDEX by other customers only <br /> through LN. <br /> RAIDS ATACRAIDS Addendum(Q3.15.v1)/n` Confidential Page 1 of 2 <br />