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CITY <br /> 5- At `r State of Washington Contract No. K11373 <br /> 9n F <br /> Department of Corrections <br /> This l[niteirllocaii A\green tenet ("Agreement")is made by the state of Washington,Department <br /> of Corrections,hereinafter referred to as Department,and the Everett Police Department,hereinafter <br /> referred to as Agency. <br /> WHEREAS,RCW Chapter 39.34(Interlocal Cooperation Act)permits state agencies and local <br /> Governments to make the most efficient use of their powers by authorizing them to enter into <br /> Agreements with each other, in order to provide services and facilities in a manner best serving the needs <br /> and development of their local communities: and <br /> WHEREAS,the purpose of this Agreement is to allow Department to place Community Corrections <br /> Officers("CCO's")at the premises owned/operated by Agency located at 3002 Wetmore Ave.,Everett, <br /> WA 98201 ("Premises"). <br /> NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the terms and conditions contained herein, Department and <br /> Agency agree as follows: <br /> 1. Agency Responsibilities: Agency shall provide only the following: <br /> Office space for use by the CCO during joint operations, including access to telephones.Premises <br /> will be accessible to the CCO at any time the CCO is involved in an operation with the Agency. <br /> 2. Department Responsibilities: Department shall: <br /> A. Keep the office space clean <br /> B. Wear Department identification at all times when within the building. <br /> C. Escort visitors at all times while within the building. <br /> D. Supply a printer for the use of the CCO and any necessary supplies. <br /> E. Ensure that the CCO is not meeting with offenders at this location. <br /> 3. Mutual benefits: This Agreement improves both parties ability to carry out public safety <br /> responsibilities through: <br /> A. Joint Operations covering events,holidays,and home/field contact. <br /> B. Immediate response regarding felons under Department supervision. <br /> C. Joint involvement in Community groups. <br /> D. Information sharing resources,such as wanted persons information and local on-going <br /> community concerns. <br /> 4. Access to information: <br /> A. Access to all Department computer systems and files are restricted to the CCO. Department <br /> will follow its policy for dissemination of any information from its computer systems and <br /> files. <br /> State of Washington K11373 Page 1 of 3 <br /> Department of Corrections 168360 <br />