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CITY <br /> AMENDMENT FACE SHEET <br /> Loan Number: PC13-961-008 <br /> Amendment Number: A <br /> Washington State Department of Commerce <br /> PUBLIC WORKS BOARD <br /> 1. Contractor 2.Contractor Doing Business As (optional) <br /> City of Everett N/A <br /> 3200 Cedar Street <br /> Everett, WA 98201 <br /> 3. Contractor Representative(only if updated) 4. Public Works Board Representative(only if updated) <br /> N/A N/A <br /> 5. Original Contract Amount 6.Amendment Amount 7. New Contract Amount <br /> $ 10,000,000.00 N/A $ 10,000,000.00 <br /> 8.Amendment Funding Source 9.Amendment Start Date 10.Amendment End Date <br /> Federal: ❑ State: Q Other: ❑ N/A: ❑ Amendment Execution Date June 1, 2032 <br /> 11. Federal Funds (as applicable): Federal Agency: CFDA Number: <br /> N/A N/A N/A <br /> 12.Amendment Purpose: <br /> The purpose of this amendment is to revise the Scope of Work of the Loan. <br /> The Board, defined as the Washington State Public Works Board, and Borrower/Contractor acknowledge and accept <br /> the terms of this Agreement/Contract As Amended and attachments and have executed this Agreement/Contract <br /> Amendment on the date below to start as of the date and year referenced above. The rights and obligations of both <br /> parties to this Agreement/Contract As Amended are governed by this Agreement/Contract Amendment and the <br /> following other documents incorporated by reference: Amendment Terms and Conditions. A copy of this <br /> Agreement/Contract Amendment shall be attached to and made a part of the original Agreement/Contract between <br /> the Board and the Borrower/Contractor. Any reference in the original Agreement/Contract to the"Agreement"or the <br /> "Contract"shall mean the"Agreement As Amended"or"Contract As Amended,"respectively. <br /> FOR THE BORR WER/CO TRACTOR O- PUBLIC WORKS BOARD k4 '7-rte <br /> ChCLf/ <br /> Sign ture S =n Fin elsteih Public Works Board Chair <br /> 5non <br /> Print Name Date <br /> Ma Jo►� l o1- E Veretc— <br /> APPROVED AS TO FORM ONLY <br /> Title <br /> This 14th Day of March, 2013 <br /> 1'3.'Ye( . 1.49I Bob Ferguson <br /> Date Attorney General <br /> Signature on File <br /> Kathryn Wyatt <br /> Assistant Attorney General <br /> A r// <br /> ' S <br /> 1 .14 T: /I <br /> ., 4J • <br /> City Clerk <br /> Page 1 Revised Scope of Work Amendment <br /> AP OVED TO M 11/16/2016 Public Works Trust Fund <br /> JAMES D.ILES,City Attorney <br />