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CITY <br /> AGREEMENT BETWEEN <br /> CITY OF EVERETT AND SNOHOMISH COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT <br /> FOR JURY MANAGEMENT SERVICES <br /> This agreement (the "Agreement") is made by and between the City of <br /> Everett (Everett), a municipal corporation of the State of Washington, and <br /> Snohomish County Superior Court (Superior Court), a State of Washington <br /> Superior Court in and for Snohomish County. <br /> WHEREAS, the Municipal Court of Everett (Municipal Court) is a court of <br /> limited jurisdiction established and operated by Everett pursuant to chapter 3.50 <br /> RCW; and <br /> WHEREAS, Snohomish County Superior Court is a Superior Court of the <br /> State of Washington in and for Snohomish County; and <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 2.36.050 provides that juries in courts of limited <br /> jurisdiction shall be selected and impaneled in the same manner as in the <br /> superior courts; and <br /> WHEREAS, RCW 2.36.052 provides that jury management activities may <br /> be performed by a superior court on behalf of a court of limited jurisdiction <br /> pursuant to an agreement between the judges of each court; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Superior Court, through the Superior Court Administrator <br /> (Administrator), provides jury panels for the Municipal Court pursuant to a 2009 <br /> agreement which has expired; and <br /> WHEREAS, the judges of the Superior Court and the judges of the <br /> Municipal Court agree that jury management services can and should continue to <br /> be provided by the Superior Court under the updated terms and conditions set <br /> forth in this Agreement; <br />