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CITY <br /> �— 0 <br /> communitytra ' Emmett Heath,Chief Executive Officer <br /> July 07, 2017 <br /> Mayor Ray Stephanson <br /> City of Everett <br /> 2930 Wetmore Ave <br /> Everett, WA 98201 <br /> Subject:Amendment 1 to Agreement, Community Transit Swift II BRT Project <br /> Mayor Stephanson, <br /> Everett and Community Transit are parties to an agreement dated December 29, 2016, relating to the <br /> development of the Swift II BRT project. <br /> An additional site not previously identified in Attachment A to the existing agreement is being added to <br /> meet project requirements. The additional site (Seaway Blvd.) has been included in an updated <br /> Attachment A and is the subject of this Amendment 1. <br /> Therefore, Attachment A of the agreement is hereby replaced in its entirety with the attached <br /> Attachment A which is dated July 7, 2017. <br /> Agreed to this S day of DCjVlee)r , 2017. <br /> Community Transit: City of Everett: <br /> _ / a ite0/4440,4_, <br /> Emmett Heath Ray Ste. .nson <br /> Chief Executive Officer Mayor <br /> Al ST: AP ROVED P To ORM <br /> Attachments: I i.i , <br /> Ci y lerk JAMES D.ILES,City At .mey <br /> A. Swift II BRT Project Everett ROW & Improvement Locations <br /> Agreement Amendment 1: Everett-Community Transit,Swift II BRT Project Page 1 of 1 <br />