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CITY <br /> Project Number:A2017-085 <br /> Contract Number:517-790A0-136 <br /> Washington State <br /> Community Economic Revitalization Board <br /> Initial Offer of Financial Aid <br /> City of Everett <br /> Federal Tax Number: 91-6001248 <br /> Offer Date:July 27, 2017 <br /> The Community Economic Revitalization Board (CERB) is authorized by chapter 43.160 RCW to provide funds to <br /> political subdivisions to assist in financing the cost of certain public facilities.This Initial Offer of Financial Aid is <br /> contingent upon the availability of CERB funds. CERB hereby offers to make funds available to the <br /> City of Everett, hereafter referred to as the "Contractor," in order to aid in financing the cost of,the City of <br /> Everett Innovation Center, as described in the application (hereafter collectively referred to as the "Project"). <br /> Funds provided shall be in the form of a grant in the maximum principal amount of$43,875, which must have a <br /> local cash match in the amount of at least$15,125. Local cash match amounts and sources are identified as: <br /> a. $5,125 Snohomish County Cash <br /> b. $10,000 Kamionka Foundation Cash <br /> This offer is subject to completion of pre-contract conditions, as described in Attachment A. <br /> • <br /> A final contract shall be developed by CERB prior to disbursement of funds. No project costs incurred prior to <br /> date of this offer will be reimbursed by CERB. In the event a final contract is not executed, no CERB funds will <br /> be disbursed. <br /> If accepted, this Initial Offer of Financial Aid must be signed and returned to CERB by September 5, 2017. <br /> ACCEPTANCE <br /> FQR C RB ( I FOR THE CONTRACTOR <br /> �c ,�S A I Q C IN u OF • .411 A 0 <br /> Michael Echanove, Vice Chair Name: / � <br /> S. <br /> l # i nso <br /> Community Economic Revitalization Board <br /> Title: <br /> Il r <br /> Date: �.�ot. 071 IQ C)Cr) Date: �`741710r4 <br /> J <br /> AP••OVED �O 'pi <br /> J <br /> j4;.4641, D.ILES.City Attorney <br /> AT T: <br /> 6 <br /> City Clerk <br />