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CITY <br /> THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT FOR AUTOMATIC FIRST <br /> RESPONSE AND MUTUAL ASSISTANCE AND AUTHORITY TO PURCHASE ON OTHER FIRE <br /> AGENCY CONTRACTS <br /> V2017 <br /> THIS AMENDED AND RESTATED INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT is entered Into this 1st day of <br /> July, 2017 by and between various governmental entities who are signatories hereto <br /> (individually "Party" or collectively "Parties") under the authority of RCW 52.12.031(3) and <br /> Chapter 39.34 RCW (the "Interlocal Cooperation Act") to assist each other in emergency <br /> response. <br /> RECITALS <br /> This Agreement is made with reference to the following facts: <br /> a. Each of the Parties owns and maintains equipment for providing fire, medical, and/or <br /> specialized services that may include but shall not be limited to Hazardous Materials <br /> Response Teams, Technical Rescue Teams and Fire Investigation Services. Also, each <br /> of the Parties retain personnel to provide various levels of services; <br /> b. Each of the Parties hereto are authorized to perform the services contemplated <br /> herein; <br /> c. The Parties recognize that the Department of Labor and Industries has established <br /> standards for training and equipment used for emergency response; that these <br /> standards, set by the Department of Labor and Industries, have increased the need for <br /> resources to perform emergency response; <br /> d. It is not feasible for each of the Parties to establish, maintain and operate specialized <br /> teams within the geographical area served; <br /> e. The geographical boundaries of each Party are located in such a manner as to <br /> enable each Party to provide assistance to the other Parties; <br /> f. It is necessary for each Chief Executive Officer, City Council, Board of Commissions <br /> and/or Fire Chief of each party to determine what specialized areas each party may <br /> participate in, as a fire department, fire district, communications center, EMS provider <br /> service or a joint venture; <br /> g. Each of the Parties has the necessary equipment and personnel to enable it to <br /> provide service to the other Parties in the event of an emergency; <br /> h. The Parties may provide backup or standby service to each other as needed and <br /> available; <br /> i. It is the purpose of the Agreement to establish a mutual aid response between the <br /> Parties to the Agreement; <br /> PAG E <br />