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City of Bothelr <br /> Interlocal Agreement CITY CLERK'S <br /> Cooperative Purchasing Agreement ORIGINAL <br /> 13S$ <br /> This agreement is entered into between the City of Bothell and the City of Everett, which <br /> are both municipal corporations of the State of Washington, for the purpose of engaging <br /> in cooperative governmental purchasing for various materials, equipment, and supplies. <br /> Bothell and Everett each possess the power to procure goods and services, and both <br /> desire to make the most efficient use of those powers. In accordance with the Interlocal <br /> Cooperation Act, chapter 39.34 RCW, which provides for Interlocal cooperation, it is <br /> agreed by the parties as follows: <br /> 1. Cooperative Purchasing. <br /> a. Each party has adopted its own contracting procedures pertaining to <br /> purchasing and the award of contracts. Now each party agrees to extend <br /> to the other party the right to purchase supplies, materials, and equipment <br /> from its contracts with vendors, suppliers, providers, and contractors for <br /> such supplies, materials, and equipment where permitted by law. Each <br /> party will finalize their own individual arrangements, including where <br /> applicable any option selection, trade-in, and delivery arrangements. <br /> b. A piggybacking party bears the sole responsibility for conducting its own <br /> due diligence to determine whether the non-piggybacking party has <br /> lawfully entered into a contract for purchasing according to that party's <br /> adopted procedures. Due diligence includes ascertaining whether the non- <br /> piggybacking party's contract with an outside vendor allows a party to <br /> piggyback. <br /> c. Where a party elects to utilize a non-piggybacking party's contract, the <br /> piggybacking party is responsible for its own compliance with any <br /> applicable terms of the vendor contract. <br /> 2. Financial Responsibility. Each party is and shall remain financially responsible for <br /> the payment of the purchase price of all materials, supplies, and equipment <br /> purchased and received by such party through a procurement permitted by this <br /> agreement. <br /> 3. Property Ownership. Ownership of all property acquired pursuant to this <br /> agreement shall vest in the party making the procurement, which party shall have <br /> sole right of disposal of the property. <br /> Cooperative Purchasing Agreement(2018) Page 1 of 3 <br /> Cities of Bothell & Everett <br />