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upon local legislative appropriation of necessary funds in accordance with applicable laws and the <br /> Snohomish County Charter. In the event funding becomes unavailable for work to be performed <br /> pursuant to this Agreement, all work shall terminate in accordance with provisions of this <br /> Agreement upon the last day of funding,with termination effective per the termination provisions <br /> of Section 11. <br /> 2. PURPOSE OF AGREEMENT <br /> The purpose of this Agreement is to define the responsibilities of and the services to be provided <br /> by the City for the inspection,maintenance,repair and monitoring of the Pump Station. <br /> 3. ADMINISTRATION OF AGREEMENT <br /> Each party to this Agreement shall designate an individual who may be designated by title or <br /> position to oversee and administer such party's participation in this Agreement.The parties' initial <br /> Administrators shall be the following individuals: <br /> County's Initial Administrator: City's Initial Administrator: <br /> Surface Water Director Operations Superintendent <br /> Snohomish County Public Works City of Everett Public Works Department <br /> 3000 Rockefeller Ave M/S 607 3200 Cedar Street <br /> Everett,WA 98201 Everett,WA 98201 <br /> Either party may change its Administrator at any time by delivering written notice of such party's <br /> new Administrator to the other party. <br /> 4. ENTIRETY OF AGREEMENT <br /> A. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the County and the City and <br /> supersedes all proposals, oral and written, and all other communication between the parties in <br /> relation to the subject matter of this Agreement.No other agreement exists between the County <br /> and the City with regards to the instant subject matter except as expressly set forth in this <br /> Agreement. Except as otherwise provided herein, no modification of this Agreement shall be <br /> effective until reduced to writing and executed by both parties. <br /> B. Any revisions or alterations to this Agreement shall be negotiated as an amendment requiring <br /> the written approval of both parties. <br /> 5. SCOPE OF WORK <br /> A. The City shall furnish the necessary personnel, equipment, material,parts and/or services and <br /> otherwise do all things necessary for or incidental to the performance of the work set forth in <br /> Exhibit B,attached hereto and incorporated herein. <br /> B. The City shall not be required to perform work for the County in excess of work specified in <br /> the Exhibit B except by mutual agreement in a written amendment to this Agreement. <br /> 6. PERFORMANCE <br /> The City agrees to satisfy all aspects of this Agreement,including the Exhibits,in the same manner <br /> INTERGOVERNMENTAL SERVICES AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN SNOHOMISH COUNTY AND THE <br /> CITY OF EVERETT FOR THE OPERATION AND pg.2 <br /> MAINTENANCE OF THE SMITH ISLAND PUMP STATION <br />