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Export Restrictions. Any export-restricted timber originating from state land under this Permit <br /> shall not be exported until processed. Grantee shall comply with all applicable requirements of <br /> WAC 240-15-015 (relating to the prohibitions on export and substitution), WAC 240-15-025 <br /> (relating to reporting requirements), and WAC 240-15-030 (relating to enforcement). All export <br /> restricted timber from state lands shall be painted and branded in compliance with WAC 240-15- <br /> 030(2). If Grantee knowingly violates any of the prohibitions in WAC 240-15-015, Grantee <br /> shall be barred from bidding on or purchasing export restricted timber as provided. Grantee shall <br /> comply with the Export Administration Act of 1979 (50 U.S.C. App. Subsection 2406(i))which <br /> prohibits the export of unprocessed western cedar logs harvested from state lands. <br /> Compliance with Laws. For all activities conducted pursuant to this Permit, each party shall, at <br /> its own expense, comply with all applicable laws in effect now and as hereafter modified. <br /> Permittees. The Grantee may permit its respective employees, agents, contractors, licensees, <br /> lessees, purchasers of timber or other profits and their agents, herein individually referred to as <br /> "Permittee" and collectively referred to as "Permittees",to exercise the rights granted to the <br /> Grantee herein. Acts or omissions of the Permittees operating under this Permit shall be deemed <br /> an act of the Grantee. Restrictions or requirements placed on the Grantee herein shall apply <br /> equally to the Permittees. <br /> Maintenance. Maintenance is defined as work normally necessary to preserve and keep the <br /> roads in their present condition or as hereafter improved. At a minimum,the roads will be <br /> maintained to meet applicable forest practice standards set forth in Chapter 222-24 WAC as now <br /> written or hereafter amended. <br /> When a road is being used solely by one party,that party shall be solely responsible for <br /> maintaining that portion of the road so used to the standards existing at the time sole use is <br /> commenced. During periods when either party and/or other parties with an easement or license <br /> jointly use the road(s), or any portion thereof,the cost of maintenance and resurfacing shall be <br /> allocated among such users on the basis of their respective use including that of their Permittees. <br /> During periods of joint maintenance,the users shall meet at times to be set by mutual agreement <br /> and establish necessary maintenance provisions. Such provisions shall include, but not be <br /> limited to the following: <br /> The appointment of a maintainer, which may be one of the parties or any third party,to perform <br /> or contract the maintenance; <br /> The extent of resurfacing necessary to keep the road safe and to reduce environmental impacts; <br /> and <br /> A method of payment by which each party using the road or a portion thereof shall pay it's pro <br /> rata share of the cost of maintenance and resurfacing. <br /> State to Private RUP Page 2 of 23 Road Use Permit No 50-095653 <br />