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Snohomish County PUD 11/9/2020[Icon] Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Agreement 5 Contracts
Snohomish County PUD 4/19/2021[Icon] Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement 3 Contracts
Snohomish County PUD 4/8/2020[Icon] Time of Day Load Profile Data Tracking 7 Contracts
Snohomish County PUD 6/29/2021[Icon] WFP Fiber Optic Cable Master Agreement 39 Contracts
Snohomish County PUD 9/29/2021[Icon] Clean Water Energy Coaching 11 Contracts
Snohomish County Regional Public Safety 12/5/2017[Icon] Emergency Communications Services 95 Contracts
Snohomish County Regional Training Consortium 1/31/2020[Icon] Sharing of Fire Training Resoures 18 Contracts
Snohomish County Sheriff's Office 1/8/2021[Icon] Snohomish County Regional Drug Task Force 43 Contracts
Snohomish County Sheriffs Office 6/6/2018[Icon] Snohomish County Diversion Center 1 Contracts
Snohomish County Snohomish Conservation Dist 4/16/2019[Icon] National Pollution Elimination System NPDES 7 Contracts
Snohomish County Superior Court 7/13/2017[Icon] Jury Management 5 Contracts
Snohomish Health District 12/30/2021 Amendment 1[Icon] COVID-19 Vaccination Reimbursement 4 Contracts
Snohomish Health District 12/6/2017[Icon] On line Strategy Management Platform 5 Contracts
Snohomish Health District 7/14/2017[Icon] Relinquish Ownership in Rucker Building 7 Contracts
Snohomsih County 2/2/2022[Icon] Distribution of Vessel Registration Fees 3 Contracts
Sound Transit 4/11/2019[Icon] Maintenance and Operations of Everett Station 5 Contracts
Sound Transit 7/12/2021[Icon] Everett Station Operations & Maintenance 24 Contracts
South Correctional Entity SCORE 11/13/2020 Amendment 1[Icon] Inmate Housing 3 Contracts
South Correctional Entity SCORE 8/3/2021 Amendment[Icon] Inmate Housing 2 Contracts
South Correctional Entity SCORE 8/9/2018 Amendment 3[Icon] Inmate Housing 2 Contracts
South Correctional Entity SCORE 9/30/2019[Icon] Inmate Housing 17 Contracts
South County Fire & Rescue Regional Fire 6/4/2020[Icon] Termination Snohomish County Fire Training 1 Contracts
Town of Coupeville 2/4/2020[Icon] Cancellation of Intergovernmental Purchase 3 Contracts
Tulalip Tribes 11/9/2016[Icon] Wholesale Water Delivery 18 Contracts
Tulalip Tribes of Washington 6/20/2021[Icon] Mortar Repair - Tulalip Pipeline 10 Contracts
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