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crr kP V .,`i i\\i ''t -,r <br /> 1 ii <br /> INTERLOCAL COOPERATIVE PURCHASE AGREEMENT <br /> This Agreement is entered into between the undersigned, municipal corporations of the -trate'Of-' <br /> Washington. <br /> It is the purpose of this Agreement to provide for the cooperative purchase of materials, supplies <br /> and equipment by the parties to this Agreement when determined by the legislative body of a <br /> participating party to be in the best interest of such party. This Agreement is entered into under the <br /> authority of the Interlocal Cooperation Act, chapter 39.34 RCW. <br /> It is agreed by the parties as follows: <br /> 1. Term. The term of this Agreement in respect to each party to this Agreement shall commence <br /> on the date of execution of the Agreement by that party and shall remain in effect until <br /> terminated by a party as provided in paragraph 5 of this Agreement. <br /> 2. Cooperative Purchase. Each party agrees to provide in bid proposals and specifications <br /> appropriate language to authorize and permit the other parties to the Agreement to purchase <br /> such materials, supplies and equipment under the terms and conditions of the purchase contract <br /> awarded by such party. Provided, however, the parties shall not be required to include such <br /> language when, in the sole discretion of the party going out to bid, the party determines that <br /> such language is not in the best interest of the party. The bid language to be included should be <br /> substantially as follows: "Interlocal Bids. The Bid proposal accepted shall permit and shall be <br /> subject to chapter 39.34 RCW, the Interlocal Cooperation Act, under which other governmental <br /> agencies may purchase under the bid proposal." <br /> 3. Discretion. The determination of whether or not any party to this Agreement shall purchase <br /> materials, supplies or equipment under the terms and conditions of any purchase contract <br /> available to, or entered into, by the other parties under a statutory bidding procedure shall be <br /> made by the legislative body of the party desiring to make such purchase. <br /> 3. Financial Responsibility. Each party shall remain financially responsible for the payment of <br /> the purchase price of all materials, supplies and equipment purchased and received by such <br /> party under the terms of this Agreement. <br /> 4. Ownership. Title to all items purchased by any party to this Agreement shall remain in the <br /> name of such party. <br /> 5. Termination. Any party to this Agreement may terminate its participation in the Agreement <br /> by giving the other parties to the Agreement 30 days written notice of such intent to terminate. <br /> 6. Limitations. The parties shall not jointly acquire property or jointly budget funds under the <br /> authority of this Agreement. <br /> 7. Statutory Compliance. Each party agrees to comply with the statutory bidding requirements <br /> applicable to such party when acting under this Agreement. <br /> 8. Administration. No new or separate legal or administrative entity is created to administer the <br /> provisions of this agreement. <br /> -1 - <br />