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EVE/7 <br /> ORDINANCE NO. 3621-18 <br /> AN ORDINANCE Regulating Special Events and Repealing Ordinance 461-77 <br /> (chapter 46.24 EMC). <br /> Whereas, special events promote cultural enrichment, economic vitality, and <br /> community identity and pride; and <br /> Whereas, the City Council recognizes the substantial community benefits that <br /> result from special events; and <br /> Whereas, special events may interfere with normal use of city streets and <br /> property and utilize city services for traffic control, security, and health and safety; and <br /> Whereas, the City Council finds that it is appropriate to provide forth e <br /> permitting of special events to acknowledge the benefit of special events in Everett, while <br /> continuing to provide for the general health, safety, and welfare of the public; and <br /> Whereas,the City Council finds that it is appropriate to allow for lawful <br /> exceptions for expressive activity protected by the First Amendment; and <br /> Whereas, attached hereto as Exhibit A is the Administrative Policy establishing <br /> the City's procedures for managing the Special Events permitting process; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY OF EVERETT DOES ORDAIN: <br /> Section 1: Application and Use of Ordinance-Expressive Activity Special <br /> Events <br /> A. This ordinance regulates special events on or using city right-of-way or <br /> other city-owned property, except city parks. A special event conducted on or <br /> exclusively using a city park is regulated pursuant to chapter 9.06 EMC. <br /> B. An expressive activity special event, as defined in section 3 of this <br /> Ordinance, is regulated pursuant to section 32 of this Ordinance. <br /> Section 2: Purpose. <br /> Page 1 of 28 <br />