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Biz <br /> EVERETT <br /> WASHINGTON <br /> Ordinance No. 3679-19 <br /> An Ordinance establishing regulations for Alarm Systems for Law Enforcement Response, <br /> repealing Ordinances 494-78 and 865-82 (Chapter 9.10 EMC) <br /> Whereas,the City's current burglary and alarm ordinance was adopted in 1978. It essentially required alarm <br /> users to notify the Everett Police Department of any alarm system and imposed fines for multiple false alarms in <br /> a six-month period; and <br /> Whereas,the ordinance was enforced through 1991 with false alarm charges billed monthly. Billings ceased <br /> with the installation of a dispatch software system that did not support false alarm tracking. However, new <br /> software is in place allowing tracking of false alarm responses by law enforcement; and <br /> Whereas, data from 2017 and 2018 indicates that on average the Everett Police Department responds to about <br /> 382 confirmed false alarm calls each month. 94% of all premises alarms involving an Everett police response <br /> are reported by the responding officers to be false or unfounded, and less than 1% of those alarms resulted in a <br /> police report documenting a criminal act. Studies indicate that in some jurisdictions alarm calls can account for <br /> 10 to 25 percent of all police calls and that between 90 to 99 percent of alarm calls are false; and <br /> Whereas,responding to alarms often involves police vehicles using lights and sirens leading to greater risks to <br /> officers and the public; and <br /> Whereas,excessive false alarms unduly burdens the City's limited law enforcement resources; and <br /> Whereas, an effective alarm response protocol for the City is necessary to reduce false alarms by requiring <br /> licensing for alarm companies,requiring procedures for alarm monitoring companies to verify alarms before <br /> calling police, and charges for false alarm responses; and <br /> Whereas,the City's alarm regulations for law enforcement are dated and in the interest of the general public <br /> health, safety and welfare of the community,they need to be updated as reflected below; <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, THE CITY OF EVERETT DOES ORDAIN: <br /> Section 1. Purpose. <br /> A. The purpose of this Ordinance is to improve the reliability and effectiveness of alarm systems, <br /> license the alarm industry in the City, encourage alarm owners and alarm companies to properly use <br /> and maintain alarm systems, require accurate alarm user contact information, reduce the number of <br /> false alarms occurring within the City and the resultant waste of City resources, recover the costs <br /> associated with responses to false alarms, and to provide for corrective measures when necessary. <br /> B. This Ordinance governs alarm systems intended to summon law enforcement response. This <br /> Ordinance establishes fees, provides for penalties for violations, establishes a system of <br /> administration, and sets conditions for suspension of police response. <br />