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INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN <br /> THE CITY OF EVERETT AND THE CITY OF LAKE STEVENS REGARDING <br /> TRANSMISSION LINE REPLACEMENT AT 91ST AVE SE <br /> This Interlocal Agreement(this"Agreement")is dated for reference purposes <br /> 3 I r , 20 and is between CITY OF EVERETT("Everett")and CITY OF LAKE <br /> STEVENS ("Lake Stevens") (individually a"Party" and collectively the"Parties"), pursuant to <br /> Chapter 39.34 RCW and other applicable law. <br /> RECITALS <br /> A. Everett's regional water system provides water to about 75%of Snohomish <br /> County, which is approximately 640,000 people, including Lake Stevens. Everett's water <br /> transmission lines number two,three, and four run in a corridor through a portion of Lake <br /> Stevens. Each of the four pipelines is about four feet across and can each carry about 50 million <br /> gallons per day. <br /> B. Lake Stevens intends to construct a road project improving 91st Ave. SE by <br /> extending this local collector roadway south to intersect with 24th Street SE. This project crosses <br /> the transmission line corridor. This project is generally described in the attached Exhibit A(the <br /> "91st Ave Project'). The estimated cost of the 91st Ave Project is $8,000,000.00. <br /> C. The Parties have agreed that Lake Stevens' contractors will construct certain work <br /> related to the transmission lines. This work is schematically shown in the attached Exhibit B. <br /> As set forth in Section 1 of this Agreement, this transmission line work will be paid 43%by <br /> Lake Stevens, and 57%by Everett. The estimated total cost of this transmission line work is <br /> shown in the attached Exhibit C. <br /> D, The Parties agree it is in the public's best interest to extend the road and replace <br /> the transmission lines contemporaneously to save money and resources and to ensure the <br /> regional water supply is protected. <br /> E. In addition,Everett will issue to Lake Stevens a Transmission Line Right of Way <br /> Use permit giving Everett's permission for Lake Stevens' 91st Ave Project across the <br /> transmission line corridor described in easements of record with Snohomish County. The permit <br /> sets forth certain terms and conditions relating to construction near the transmission lines and <br /> other matters related to the 91st Ave Project(the"91st Ave Use Permit'). The 91st Ave Use <br /> Permit is set forth in Exhibit D attached hereto. The 91st Ave Use Permit is conditioned on the <br /> full execution of this Agreement. <br /> F. Subject to this Agreement and the 91st Ave Use Permit, Lake Stevens will be the <br /> lead agency responsible for design,permitting and construction for the 91st Ave Project and the <br /> Transmission Line Work. <br /> 1 <br />