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NOW,THEREFORE,pursuant to RCW 39.34 and other applicable law,the above recitals <br /> are incorporated herein as if fully set forth below, and in consideration of the terms, covenants, <br /> conditions, and performances contained herein, and the attached Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C, <br /> and Exhibit D,that are incorporated herein by this reference, <br /> IT IS MUTUALLY AGREED AS FOLLOWS: <br /> SECTION 1 91ST AVE PROJECT AND TRANSMISSION LINE WORK <br /> A. Proi ect. <br /> 1. Plans and Specifications. <br /> (a) Design of the Transmission Line Work. As part of its design contract(s)for <br /> the 91st Ave Project,Lake Stevens will select a designer with input and approval from Everett and <br /> direct its designer to prepare plans and specifications for the transmission line work in the 91st <br /> Ave Project. Lake Stevens will direct the transmission line designer to consult and coordinate <br /> with Everett. <br /> (b) Specifications for Transmission Line Work. In addition to other <br /> transmission line specifications prepared by the designer, the bid package will contain the <br /> following specifications, as provided by Everett, relating to the transmission line work: <br /> (i) Specifications designating Everett as lead in the coordination, <br /> oversight and inspection of transmission line work during <br /> construction. <br /> (ii) Specifications designating Everett to oversee all connection of <br /> finished transmission line segments to existing transmission lines. <br /> Because this connection process requires shutdown of entire <br /> transmission lines,this connection must occur at specific times and <br /> must be completed in a matter of hours. The specifications will <br /> include Everett oversight of when the connection work can occur, <br /> the duration of the connection work, the inspection of the <br /> connections, and oversight of the contractor. Because connection <br /> work must occur within a tight time-window measured in hours,the <br /> specifications will include liquidated damages provisions if the <br /> connection time-window is missed by the contractor. <br /> 2. Design Review. Everett and Lake Stevens will provide review and comment on <br /> the plans and specifications for the transmission line work in the 91st Ave Project on the following <br /> schedule: <br /> 2 <br />