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CITY <br /> TIME OF DAY LOAD PROFILE DATA <br /> PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT <br /> THIS TIME OF DAY LOAD PROFILE PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is entered <br /> into by and between Public Utility District No. 1 of Snohomish County("District") and the City of Everett <br /> ("Participant"). <br /> PROGRAM OVERVIEW <br /> The District has implemented a Supplemental "Time of Day" Service Schedule ("TOD Schedule") for <br /> commercial customers that expires on December 31, 2023. The goal of the TOD Schedule is to assess the <br /> value of charging for consumption by commercial customers during the District's peak load periods as defined <br /> below in a manner that closely aligns with District costs and charges for delivery of energy and capacity <br /> during peak and non-peak load periods. <br /> To complement the TOD Schedule, the District is establishing a program through this Agreement ("TOD <br /> Program")under which Participants have two options for engagement in the TOD Program: <br /> A. Opt-In:Participant opts to be billed by the Time of Day supplemental rate determinants and <br /> receive a monthly Rate Comparison analysis comparing the rate they had been billed on(whether <br /> Rate Schedule 20,25,or 36)to the TOD Schedule. <br /> B. Rate Comparison Only: Participants opt to receive a monthly billing analysis workbook or online <br /> display of what their bill would have been if they had transferred to the TOD Schedule. The <br /> District would continue to bill Rate Comparison Only Participants at their existing Rate Schedules <br /> 20,25 or 36.Rate Comparison Only Participants would have the option of transferring to the Opt- <br /> In status on either January 1 or July 1 of each year of the TOD Program; <br /> Regardless of the option Participant chooses, the District will: (1) provide participants with a Load Profile <br /> Online Tool("Online Tool"),which allows participants online access to their interval energy demand data on <br /> a daily basis;(2)collaborate with participants in evaluating the impact of the TOD Schedule on charges that <br /> reflect each participant's usage profile;and 3)have District staff available to assist each participant in using <br /> the consumption data available through this program to help achieve their energy management goals. <br /> The TOD Program will help participants to better monitor and manage energy use and costs and evaluate the <br /> energy management results. The Online Tool used to display participant energy usage via the interne has <br /> the capability to format reports that the participant can either view online or print to hard copy form. <br /> The Participant shall select from one of these options: (please check your selection) <br /> Opt-In to Billing Change/Rate Comparison: Rate Comparison Only: _X_ <br /> Participant has reviewed the program overview and wishes to enter into this Agreement. <br /> The parties therefore agree as follows: <br /> A. DISTRICT OBLIGATIONS <br /> The District will provide the following to Participant: <br /> 1) The TOD Schedule; <br /> 2) A monthly analysis(available either online or in an excel workbook format)of the charges that would <br /> apply to the Participant if the Participant had opted to be billed under the TOD Schedule, ; <br /> Time of Day Pilot Customer Participant Agreement -- Execution Final_March 2,2020 1 of 7 <br />