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Snohomish County Regional Training Consortium <br /> (Interlocal Agreement) <br /> This agreement is made and entered into by and between the undersigned municipal corporations, <br /> collectively referred to as "Agency" or "Agencies" and shall be deemed adopted upon date of signing <br /> by the respective Agencies. <br /> 1. RECITALS <br /> WHEREAS, This Agreement is made pursuant to the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Chapter 39.34 RCW. <br /> RCW 39.34 permits one or more public agencies to contract with any one or more other public agencies <br /> to perform any governmental service, activity, or undertaking which each agency is authorized by law <br /> to perform; and <br /> WHEREAS, the participating Agencies provide or operate similar Emergency Public Safety Services <br /> through the utilization of first responders and emergency equipment within their jurisdictions, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Agencies are currently empowered by law to provide or operate similar emergency <br /> services training and education programs to their own personnel, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Agencies ability to provide Emergency Public Safety Services, as well as the requisite <br /> training and education programs for its personnel, is directly affected by and through the limited public <br /> funds available for such services, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Agencies have determined that through collaborative efforts and combining resources, <br /> greater efficiencies and effectiveness can be enjoyed equally amongst all parties, proportionate to their <br /> participation level, and <br /> WHEREAS, The Agencies have determined that Emergency Public Safety Services as provided by <br /> each agency shall be improved through greater interoperability as a result of a collaborative training <br /> and education program promoting consistent operational practices, <br /> NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the covenants, conditions, performances, promises, and <br /> benefits contained herein, it is agreed between the Agencies as follows: <br /> 2 PURPOSE AND SCOPE. The purpose and scope of this Agreement is to establish a Training <br /> Consortium "Consortium" to provide regular and specialty training and educational programs to <br /> the member Agencies, and those other Agencies as the Administrative Board may approve, <br /> through a collaboration of personnel, equipment, property, and funds, collectively "Resources", <br /> as determined through an adopted funding formula, at a level determined by and for each <br /> Agency. Nothing in this agreement shall be interpreted as a conveyance of the authorities or <br /> responsibilities prescribed to each Agency through statute, regulation, or agreement. Each <br /> agency shall retain full authority and responsibility for, and jurisdiction over, all services it <br /> provides, is required to provide, or provides for, within its jurisdiction. <br /> 3. GOVERNING STRUCTURE OF TRAINING CONSORTIUM <br /> 3.1. Administrative Board. Administration of this Agreement shall be accomplished by an <br /> Administrative Board that shall be composed of one representative from each Agency, <br /> "Agency Representative",to be held by the respective Chief Executive Officer or such other <br /> individual as appointed by the legislative body of that Agency. <br /> (a) The Administrative Board shall be responsible for: <br /> i. Managing and conducting the business affairs of the Consortium, to make <br /> and execute all necessary contracts, to employ any necessary services. <br /> and to adopt reasonable rules to govern the Consortium and to perform its <br /> Training Consortium Interlocal Agreement—Page 1 <br />