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MUTUAL AID AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN <br /> Chelan Douglas Health District <br /> AND <br /> City of Everett Fire <br /> • <br /> This agreement is made and entered into this 23th day of September,2020,by and <br /> between Chelan Douglas Health District,hereinafter referred to as DISTRICT and City <br /> of Everett,hereinafter referred to as CITY. <br /> WHEREAS,it is necessary to ensure adequate resources are available to support <br /> and respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chelan and Douglas County,AND <br /> WHEREAS,each party recognizes that public health emergencies transcend <br /> political jurisdictional boundaries and that intergovernmental coordination is essential for <br /> the protection of lives and for best use of available assets.This Agreement shall provide <br /> for mutual assistance among the Parties in the prevention of,response to,mitigation of <br /> and recovery from,a public health incident.The intent of this Agreement is to make <br /> personnel available;AND <br /> WHEREAS,it is necessary and desirable that an appropriate agreement be <br /> executed for the interchange of such mutual aid; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,it is hereby agreed by and between the parties hereto as <br /> follows: <br /> 1. CITY shall provide personnel skilled and trained in incident management <br /> to act on behalf of District during the incident. <br /> 2. District shall coordinate and pay for lodging expenses incurred by the <br /> CITY directly to the lodging providers. <br /> 3. District shall reimburse CITY for personnel costs incurred,at the usual <br /> hourly and overtime rates of CITY staff net 30 days of receipt of a written <br /> invoice. <br /> 4. District shall reimburse the CITY for mileage incurred at the current <br /> federal IRS rate and per-diem for breakfast and dinner net 30 days of <br /> receipt of a written invoice. <br /> 5. CITY shall submit an invoice documenting the hours,time of services and <br /> hourly rates charged as well as necessary back up documentation. <br /> 6. It is hereby understood,unless otherwise required by law or other <br /> agreement of the parties,that all services and/or resources provided under <br /> Mutual Aid Agreement <br />