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the terms of this Mutual Aid Agreement are furnished and/or supplied <br /> voluntarily and at the discretion of the furnishing agency. The furnishing <br /> agency shall have the primary interest of protecting the welfare of its own <br /> constituency and does not assume any responsibilities or liabilities for not <br /> providing resources and/or services to other parties to this Agreement. <br /> 7. It is hereby understood that the agreements entered into hereunder shall <br /> not supplant existing mutual aid agreements nor deny the right of any <br /> party hereto to negotiate supplemental mutual aid agreements. <br /> 8. Mutual aid extended pursuant to this Agreement shall be furnished in <br /> accordance with the provisions of Chapter 38.52 Revised Code of <br /> Washington,as well as other provisions of law. <br /> • <br /> 9. This Agreement shall be effective September 23th,2020 and continue until <br /> the incident is resolved and/or the services are no longer necessary. <br /> 10. Any party to this Agreement may withdraw after written notification to <br /> the other parties to this Agreement. <br /> 11. District shall indemnify and hold the CITY and its agents,employees, <br /> and/or officers,harmless from and shall process and defend at its own <br /> expense any and all claims,demands,suits,at law or equity,actions, <br /> penalties,losses,damages,or costs,of whatsoever kind or nature,brought <br /> against the CITY arising out of,in connection with, or incident to the <br /> execution of this Agreement and/or the District's performance or failure to <br /> perform any aspect of this Agreement;provided,however,that if such <br /> claims are caused by or result from the concurrent negligence of the <br /> CITY,its agents,employees,and/or officers,this indemnity provision <br /> shall be valid and enforceable only to the extent of the negligence of the <br /> District;and provided further,that nothing herein shall require the District <br /> to hold harmless or defend the CITY,its agents,employees and/or officers <br /> from any claims arising from the sole negligence of the CITY,its agents, <br /> employees,and/or officers. No liability shall attach to the CITY by reason <br /> of entering into this Agreement,except as expressly provided herein. <br /> 12. All the employees of the CITY providing services pursuant to this <br /> Agreement shall at all times remain employees of the CITY.Employees of <br /> the CITY providing services pursuant to this Agreement shall not be <br /> entitled to benefits or payments from the District,except as expressly <br /> provided for herein. <br /> Mutual Aid Agreement <br />