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INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> BETWEEN THE CITY OF EVERETT AND SNOHOMISH COUNTY <br /> CONCERNING THE SMITH ISLAND WEST ANNEXATION PURSUANT TO <br /> RCW 35.13.470 <br /> 1. PARTIES <br /> This Interlocal Agreement ("Agreement" or "ILA") is made by and between the City of <br /> Everett ("City"), a Washington municipal corporation, and Snohomish County ("County"), <br /> a political subdivision of the State of Washington, collectively referred to as the <br /> "Parties," pursuant to Chapter 35.13 RCW (Annexation of Unincorporated Areas), <br /> Chapter 36.70A RCW (Growth Management Act), Chapter 36.115 RCW (Governmental <br /> Services Act), Chapter 43.21 C RCW (State Environmental Policy Act), Chapter 36.70B <br /> RCW (Local Project Review), Chapter 58.17 RCW (Subdivisions), Chapter 82.02 RCW <br /> (Excise Taxes), and Chapter 39.34 RCW (Interlocal Cooperation Act). <br /> 2. PURPOSE <br /> 2.1 Purpose. The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth terms of the Parties' <br /> agreement to the annexation ("Annexation") to the City of territory located within <br /> the Smith Island West Annexation Area, which is referred to herein as the <br /> "Annexation Area," pursuant to RCW 35.13.470, and to facilitate an orderly <br /> transition of services from the County to the City at the time of the Annexation. <br /> The Annexation Area is depicted on Exhibit A to this Agreement, incorporated <br /> herein by this reference. As required under RCW 35.13.470(1) the Annexation <br /> Area is completely within the Everett Municipal Urban Growth Area and more <br /> than sixty-percent of the Annexation Area is contiguous to the City. <br /> 2.2 Master annexation interlocal agreement. The Parties recognize that there is no <br /> master annexation interlocal agreement between the City and the County. The <br /> Parties agree that no such master annexation interlocal agreement is necessary <br /> in order to proceed with the Annexation. Instead, the Annexation shall be <br /> governed by the terms of this Agreement. <br /> 3. GENERAL AGREEMENT REGARDING ANNEXATION <br /> 3.1 Annexation approval. The City and County agree that following execution of this <br /> Agreement, the City shall pursue the Annexation of territory described in <br /> Exhibit A by adoption of an ordinance pursuant to RCW 35.13.470(4). If the <br /> Snohomish County Council finds that the proposed Annexation is consistent with <br /> this Agreement and the factors and objectives established in RCW 36.93.170 <br /> and 36.93.180, that the health, safety, and general welfare of Snohomish County <br /> citizens is not adversely affected by the Annexation, and that an addendum <br /> pursuant to Section 12 of this Agreement is completed or is not necessary, the <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT Page 1 of 21 <br /> BETWEEN THE CITY OF EVERETT AND SNOHOMISH COUNTY August 19,2020 <br /> CONCERNING THE SMITH ISLAND WEST ANNEXATION <br /> PURSUANT TO RCW 35.13.470 <br />