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County may not oppose the proposed Annexation and may send a letter to the <br /> Boundary Review Board in support of the proposed Annexation. <br /> 3.2 Snohomish County Tomorrow Annexation Principles. The Parties intend that this <br /> Agreement be interpreted in a manner that furthers the objectives articulated in <br /> the Snohomish County Tomorrow Annexation Principles; however, in the event of <br /> a conflict between such Principles and this Agreement, this Agreement shall <br /> prevail. For the purpose of this Agreement, the Snohomish County Tomorrow <br /> Annexation Principles means that document adopted by the Snohomish County <br /> Tomorrow Steering Committee on February 28, 2007, and supported by the <br /> Snohomish County Council in Joint Resolution No. 07-026 passed on September <br /> 5, 2007. The Snohomish County Tomorrow Annexation Principles are attached to <br /> this Agreement as Exhibit B, and incorporated herein by this reference. <br /> 3.3 Adoption of County codes. The City agrees to adopt by reference the County <br /> codes and ordinances listed in Exhibit C of this Agreement solely for the purpose <br /> of allowing the County to process and complete permits and fire inspections in <br /> the Annexation Area. Adoption of the County's codes by the City in no way <br /> affects applications submitted to the City after the effective date of the <br /> Annexation. The County shall be responsible for providing copies of all the codes <br /> and ordinances listed in Exhibit C of this Agreement, in addition to all the updates <br /> thereto, to the Everett City Clerk, so that the City Clerk may maintain compliance <br /> with RCW 35A.12.140. <br /> 4. GROWTH MANAGEMENT ACT ("GMA") AND LAND USE <br /> Flood hazard regulations. The City agrees to ensure after the Annexation that the City <br /> comprehensive plan and development regulations that apply within the floodplain, as <br /> defined in Chapter 30.65 Snohomish County Code (SCC), will provide equal or greater <br /> restrictions on development as those provided by the County flood hazard regulations in <br /> Chapter 30.65 SCC, as required by Snohomish County General Policy Plan, LU Policy <br /> 1.A.12 (GPP LU 1.A.12). <br /> 5. PROCESSING OF PERMITS IN THE ANNEXATION AREA <br /> 5.1 Definitions. For the purposes of this Agreement, the following definitions apply: <br /> "Building permit application" shall mean an application for permission issued <br /> by the authorizing jurisdiction that allows for the construction of a structure, and <br /> includes repair, alteration, or addition of or to a structure. <br /> "Associated permit application" shall mean an application for mechanical, <br /> electrical, plumbing and/or sign permit for a structure authorized pursuant to a <br /> building permit. <br /> "Land use permit application" shall mean an application for any land use or <br /> development permit or approval and shall include, by way of example and not by <br /> way of limitation, any of the following: subdivisions, planned residential <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT Page 2 of 21 <br /> BETWEEN THE CITY OF EVERETT AND SNOHOMISH COUNTY August 19,2020 <br /> CONCERNING THE SMITH ISLAND WEST ANNEXATION <br /> PURSUANT TO RCW 35.13.470 <br />