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ARC: Independent Living Housing Assistance (Housing) <br /> Funds to provide emergency financial assistance and system navigation for $17,000.00 <br /> disabled persons. <br /> Hand in Hand: Rental Assistance (Housing) <br /> Rental assistance to low-income households. $35,000.00 <br /> Snohomish County Legal Services: Housing Justice Project (Housing) <br /> Funds to support staffing that provide free legal services to households facing $15,000.00 <br /> eviction. <br /> Cocoon House:Transitions Behavioral Health Coordinator <br /> (Homelessness) $30,500.00 <br /> Funds to support Behavioral Health Coordinator for mental health resource <br /> connection and after-hours crises. <br /> Housing Hope: Tomorrow's Hope Childcare Mental Health and <br /> Therapeutic Services (Basic Services) $15,000.00 <br /> Funds to support staffing for therapeutic services to children experiencing <br /> social emotional delays due to childhood trauma. <br /> Homage: Meal Delivery Program (Basic Services) <br /> $15,000.00 <br /> Funds to support meal delivery program to seniors and disabled persons. <br /> TOTAL PUBLIC SERVICE $127,500.00 <br /> Non-Public Service Projects (Priority) <br /> Childstrive: Roof Replacement at The Village (Public Facility) <br /> Roof replacement for two buildings that house community partner $168,257.00 <br /> organizations for low income households. <br /> Community Housing Improvement Program (Housing) <br /> Rehabilitation loans and administration costs to conduct home improvement $209,243.00 <br /> projects for low-income homeowners and downtown multi-family structures. <br /> Homage: Minor Home Repair (Housing) $175,000.00 <br /> Minor home repairs for low-income senior and disabled homeowners. <br /> TOTAL NON-PUBLIC SERVICE $552,500.00 <br /> CDBG Administration $170,000.00 <br /> TOTAL CDBG $850,000.00 <br /> 2. Projects to be funded with HOME funds: <br /> Public Service & Non-Public Service Projects (Priority) Funding <br /> Tenant Based Rental Assistance (Housing) <br /> Funds to provide rental assistance to low-income households.Agency to be $200,000.00 <br /> determined in coordination with Snohomish County Human Services. <br /> Community Housing Improvement Program (Housing) <br /> $150,000.00 <br /> Loans to conduct home improvement projects for low-income homeowners. <br /> TOTAL HOME $350,000.00 <br /> ri RESOLUTION Page 2 of 5 <br />