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44s0. SNOHOMISH COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT Cf "Y <br /> 3000 ROCKEFELLER AVENUE, M/S 305 I EVERETT, WA 98201 <br /> (425) 388-7200 <br /> CONTRACT SPECIFICS: Everett-Community Housing <br /> Contract Number: HCS-16-42-1601-198 Title of Project/Services: Improvement Program <br /> Maximum Contract Amount: Start Date: End Date: Status Determination: <br /> $309,010.00 August 22, 2016 In accordance with Exhibit A, © Subrecipient ❑ Contractor <br /> Section 1-F <br /> CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: <br /> Name: City of Everett Unique Entity Identifier: 057307456 <br /> Address: 2930 Wetmore Ave, Suite 8A Contact Person: Rebecca McCrary <br /> City/State/Zip: Everett, WA 98201 Telephone: 425-388-7133 <br /> IRS Tax No. \ EIN: 91-6001248 Email Address: RAMMcCrary(a� <br /> FUNDING: <br /> Funding Authority: 42 U.S.C. § 12701 et. seq. Funding Specifics: HOME Program <br /> U.S. Department of Housing and 14.239 HOME Investment <br /> Federal Agency: Urban Development CFDA No. & Title: Partnerships Program <br /> Federal Award ID No: M16-DC530201 <br /> County Program Division: County Contact Person: Contact Phone Number: <br /> Housing & Community Services Division Sue Tracy 425-388-3269 <br /> Additional terms of this Contract are set out in and governed by the following,which are incorporated herein by reference: <br /> Basic Terms and Conditions Agreement HSD-2015-101-198, maintained on file at the Human Services Department: <br /> Specific Terms and Conditions Attached as Exhibit A Request for Reimbursement/Actual Attached as Exhibit F <br /> Expenditure Report <br /> Statement of Work Attached as Exhibit B Report of Actual Expenditures Attached as Exhibit G <br /> Approved Contract Budget Attached as Exhibit C HOME Program Income Monthly Report Attached as Exhibit H <br /> Homeowner Rehab Set-Up and Attached as Exhibit D HOME Homeowner Rehab Quarterly Attached as Exhibit I <br /> Completion Form Report <br /> Homeowner Rehab Activity Attached as Exhibit E Certification Regarding Lobbying Attached as Exhibit J <br /> Commitment Certification <br /> In the event of any inconsistency in this contract, the inconsistency shall be resolved by giving precedence in the following order: (a) <br /> appropriate provisions of state and federal law, (b) Specific Terms and Conditions, (c) Basic Terms and Conditions, (d)other attachments <br /> incorporated by reference, and (e)other documents incorporated by reference. <br /> THE CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION IDENTIFIED ABOVE (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS "AGENCY"), AND SNOHOMISH <br /> COUNTY (HEREINAFTER REFERRED TO AS "COUNTY"), HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS <br /> CONTRACT. SIGNATURES FOR BOTH PARTIES ARE REQUIRED BELOW. BY SIGNING, THE AGENCY IS CERTIFYING THAT IT <br /> IS NOT DEBARRED, SUSPENDED, OR OTHERWISE EXCLUDED FROM PARTICIPATING IN FEDERALLY FUNDED PROGRAMS. <br /> FO- HE C• TRACT NG ORGANIZATION: '--)FOR SNOHOMISH COUNTY: <br /> r-. ir. l ! 1& 4 I r VA3� `IL <br /> (Signat 0) I (Date) Mary Jane Brell Vujovic, Director (Date) <br /> Department of Human Services <br /> I .4 -dr <br /> (Ti le) Approvedprppas to Form Only: j9 <br /> /t-� eCc4 may'/.,06644 qlg/a 0 t 6, <br /> AF?ROVED 4$ TO FORM Deputy Prosecuting Attorney 6 (Date) <br /> i,,. tirrn <br /> TAMES I; ,ILES, Cit �''� '«-'- / , . <br /> City Attorney , <br /> City Clerk. <br />