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CITY <br /> SNOHOMISH COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT <br /> 3000 ROCKEFELLER AVENUE, M/S 305 I EVERETT, WA 98201 <br /> .444 <br /> (425) 388-7200 <br /> CONTRACT AMENDMENT <br /> 1. Contract Number: 2. Amendment Number: 3. This Amendment herein- 4. Amount of Contract <br /> after identified as: Award as Amended: <br /> HCS-16-42-1601-198 1 HCS-16-42-1601-198(1) $393,009 <br /> 5. Name and Address of Contracting Organization: 6. Title of Project/Service: <br /> City of Everett Everett—Community Housing Improvement Program <br /> 2930 Wetmore Avenue, Suite 8A <br /> Everett, WA 98201 <br /> © Subrecipient ❑ Contractor <br /> 7. THIS ITEM APPLIES ONLY TO BILATERAL AMENDMENTS. <br /> The Contract identified herein, including any previous amendments thereto, is hereby amended as set forth in Item <br /> 9 below by mutual consent of all parties hereto. <br /> 8. TERMS OF AMENDMENT. (Indicate the amount of an increase/decrease in contract and new beginning and <br /> ending dates, if applicable). The Contract referred to in Item 1 above is revised as follows: <br /> A. The Contract is amended to increase funding by$83,999. The maximum consideration of this <br /> Contract is now$393,009. <br /> B. Specific Terms and Conditions, Exhibit A, is superceded with Exhibit A-1, attacheded hereto and <br /> incorporated herein by reference. Section 1.B. is amended to increase the funding and Section I.E. is <br /> amended to establish a commitment date for the increased funding. <br /> C. Statement of Work, Exhibit B, is superceded with Exbihit B-1, attached hereto and incorporated <br /> herein by reference. Section I.A. is amended to increase the number of estimated homes to be <br /> rehabilitated from nine to twelve and to adjust the estimated loan schedule to include the three <br /> additional loans. <br /> D. Approved Contract Budget, Exhibit C, is superceded with Exhibit C-1, attached hereto and <br /> incorporated herein by reference. Exhibit C is amended to increase the funding amount and to revise <br /> the other program resources to reflect actual program income. <br /> ALL OTHER TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE ORIGINAL CONTRACT AND ANY PREVIOUS AMENDMENTS <br /> THERETO REMAIN IN FULL FORCE AND EFFECT. <br /> FOR THE CONTRACTING ORGANIZATION: FOR SNOHOMISH COUNTY: <br /> _.. �P. . 4I. _A k A 74 , 1 1- --- q\<Z\ H <br /> (Signa r e) I sate) Mary Jane Brell Vujovic, Director (Date) <br /> ,n„/td-6 rl 6Y t D- g vete-M Department of Human Services <br /> (Title) <br /> A ROVED S TO f RM <br /> AT: <br /> JAMES D.IL S,City Attorney C�(1( <br /> City Clerk <br />