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E. There will be no discrimination against any program participant or applicant <br /> covered under this Agreement because of race, color, religion, national origin, age, <br /> handicap, status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran, sex, or sexual orientation, nor will <br /> School or Training Site engage in such discrimination in their employment or personnel <br /> policies. <br /> II. SCHOOL'S RESPONSIBILITIES <br /> A. School will provide information to Training Site concerning its curriculum and <br /> the professional and academic credentials of its faculty for the students at Training Site. <br /> School will designate an appropriately qualified and credentialed faculty member to <br /> coordinate and act as the Liaison with Training Site. School will be responsible for <br /> instruction and administration of the students' academic education program. School will <br /> notify Training Site in writing of any change or proposed change of its Liaison. School will <br /> have the final responsibility for grading students. <br /> B. School's faculty will meet with the Training Site education Supervisor <br /> Preceptors, if any, at the beginning and end of the education program to discuss and <br /> evaluate the education program. These meetings will take place in person if practicable, <br /> otherwise by telephone conference. School is responsible for arranging and planning the <br /> meetings. <br /> C. School will provide the names and information pertaining to relevant <br /> education and training for all students enrolled in the education program at least four <br /> weeks before the beginning date of the education program. School is responsible for <br /> supplying any additional information required by Training Site as set forth in this <br /> Agreement, prior to the arrival of students. School will notify Training Site in writing of any <br /> change or proposed change in a student's status. <br /> D. School will obtain evidence of current immunizations against diphtheria, <br /> tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles (rubeola), mumps, rubella (or a positive rubella titer), and <br /> of hepatitis B immunity status, documented by a protective titer, for those students who <br /> will be in contact with patients/clients. For each student born after 1956, School will <br /> maintain on file records of positive titer or of post-1967 immunization for rubella and <br /> rubeola. At the time of immunization, students with no history of exposure to chickenpox <br /> will be advised to get an immune titer. School will require yearly PPD testing or follow-up <br /> as recommended if the students are PPD-positive or have had BCG. School will provide <br /> information to Training Site regarding student status concerning the above requirements. <br /> E. School will assign to Training Site only those students who have satisfactorily <br /> completed the prerequisite didactic portion of the curriculum and who have evidence of <br /> completion of a CPR course based on American Heart Association or American Red <br /> Cross guidelines and related to the age group(s) with whom they will be working. <br /> Affiliation Agreement <br /> Page 2 <br />