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F. School shall ask each student who may be placed in Training Site to obtain <br /> his/her criminal history background record from the Washington State Patrol, pursuant to <br /> RCW 43.43.834 and RCW 43.43.838, to release a copy of that record to the School, and <br /> to authorize the School to transmit that record or copy thereof to Training Site. Before the <br /> start of training, School will provide Training Site with the names of any students who have <br /> failed to provide the requested records, or who refuse to authorize the release of records <br /> to Training Site. The students will be informed that, whether or not they agree to obtain <br /> the record and agree to release it to School and Training Site, Training Site may conduct <br /> the background inquiry directly and the Training Site may refuse placement of a student <br /> who does not provide the requested records or who has a record of prior criminal conduct. <br /> Training Site understands and agrees that any information forwarded to it by School has <br /> been procured through this process. School does not certify the veracity of the records <br /> provided and, furthermore, the obligation to conduct appropriate background checks and <br /> the liability for non-compliance therewith remains the responsibility of Training Site. <br /> G. School will comply with and ensure to the extent possible that students <br /> comply with the policies and procedures established by Training Site. School will notify <br /> each student of his/her status and responsibilities pursuant to this Agreement. <br /> H. School will encourage each student participating in the education program to <br /> acquire comprehensive health and accident insurance that will provide continuous <br /> coverage of such student during his or her participation in the education program. School <br /> will inform students that they are responsible for their own health needs, health care costs, <br /> and health insurance coverage. <br /> III. TRAINING SITE'S RESPONSIBILITIES <br /> A. Training Site will provide students with a desirable education experience <br /> within the scope of services provided by Training Site. Training Site will designate in <br /> writing Preceptors, if any, to be responsible for the education program, and will designate <br /> in writing one person as the education Supervisor, who will maintain contact with the <br /> School-designated Liaison to assure mutual participation in and review of the education <br /> program and student progress. Training Site will submit in writing to School the <br /> professional and academic credentials for the Preceptors and education Supervisor. <br /> Training Site will notify School in writing of any change or proposed change of the <br /> Preceptors or education Supervisor. <br /> B. Training Site will provide students with access to sources of information <br /> necessary for the education program, within Training Site's policies and procedures and <br /> commensurate with patients' rights, including library resources and reference materials. <br /> C. Training Site will make available to students basic supplies and equipment <br /> necessary for care of patients/clients and the education program. Within the limitation of <br /> Affiliation Agreement <br /> Page 3 <br />