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CITY <br /> FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY <br /> 1 <br /> FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION <br /> SOUND REGIONAL VIOLENT CRIMES TASK FORCE <br /> MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING <br /> PARTIES <br /> 1. This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into by and between the Federal <br /> Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Everett Police Department (EPD). Nothing in this <br /> MOU should be construed as limiting or impeding the basic spirit of cooperation which <br /> exists between these agencies. <br /> AUTHORITIES <br /> 2. Authority for the FBI to enter into this agreement can be found at Title 28, United States <br /> Code (U.S.C.), Section (§) 533; 42 U.S.C. § 3771; Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations <br /> (C.F.R.), § 0.85; and applicable United States Attorney General's Guidelines. <br /> PURPOSE <br /> 3. The purpose of this MOU is to delineate the responsibilities of the Sound Regional Violent <br /> Crimes Task Force (**SRVCTF personnel formalize relationships between participating <br /> agencies for policy guidance, planning, training, public and media relations; and <br /> maximize inter-agency cooperation). This MOU is not intended, and should not be <br /> construed, to create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or <br /> otherwise by any third party against the parties, the United States, or the officers, <br /> employees, agents, or other associated personnel thereof. <br /> MISSION <br /> 4. The mission of the SRVCTF is to identify and target for prosecution criminal enterprise <br /> groups responsible for drug trafficking, money laundering, alien smuggling, crimes of <br /> violence such as murder and aggravated assault, robbery, and violent street gangs, as <br /> well as to intensely focus on the apprehension of dangerous fugitives where there is or <br /> may be a federal investigative interest. The SRVCTF will enhance the effectiveness of <br /> federal/state/local law enforcement resources through a well-coordinated initiative <br /> seeking the most effective investigative/prosecutive avenues by which to convict and <br /> incarcerate dangerous offenders. <br /> FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY <br /> This document is the property of the FBI and is loaned to your agency. <br /> Neither it nor its contents may be released without authorization by FBI Headquarters. <br />