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CITY <br /> CLINICAL AFFILIATION AGREEMENT <br /> WITH SIMMONS COLLEGE <br /> Revised June 2015 <br /> This Agreement is entered into as of 7/20/18 (the "Effective Date") by and between The City <br /> of Everett—Everett Police Department (the "Facility") and Simmons College (the "College"), a not- <br /> for-profit educational corporation, to cooperate in the planning, implementation, administration, <br /> and evaluation of a program of clinical education and training in social work for graduate students <br /> of the College who are enrolled in SocialWork@Simmons ("Students"),the online School of Social <br /> Work MSW program. <br /> WHEREAS, the College is engaged in the higher education and training of Students and <br /> utilizes community facilities to provide clinical experience for such Students; and <br /> WHEREAS, the Facility has available facilities well-suited for providing training and <br /> experience for Students in social work; and <br /> WHEREAS,the College and the Facility desire a cooperative relationship that will promote <br /> the clinical training and education of Students by allowing them to gain practical experience in the <br /> field of social work; <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,the College and the Facility, in consideration of the mutual benefits to be <br /> attained by both, and the mutual promises herein, hereby agree to participate in a cooperative <br /> program of instruction ("Program") whereby the Facility and the College will jointly conduct and <br /> supervise clinical training for the Students in the treatment of Facility's clients as follows: <br /> A. Mutual Obligations and Agreements <br /> 1. The Facility and College will each designate a person as the "Field Instructor" and "Field <br /> Liaison," respectively, who shall be jointly responsible for overseeing administration of the <br /> Program and coordination of the clinical experiences of the Students, and will advise each <br /> other of any changes of personnel in the Coordinator position. <br /> 2. The Facility and College shall agree upon the number of Students to be assigned to the <br /> Facility each year,their schedules, the learning resources to be utilized, and the dates of <br /> clinical experiences. <br /> 3. The Facility and the College agree that the Students who participate in the Program shall <br /> have the status of trainees and shall not replace Facility staff or otherwise render patient <br /> care, except to the extent directed by Facility staff and under the supervision of such staff. <br /> 4. The Facility and the College will comply, if applicable, the Health Insurance Portability and <br /> Accountability Act of 1996 ("HIPAA"). <br /> 5. The Facility and the College each has the right to suspend or terminate a Student from the <br /> Program for unsatisfactory performance, or other reasonable causes. Wherever possible, <br /> such suspension or termination shall be planned cooperatively by the Facility and the <br /> Page 1 of 5 <br />